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Vikram Rao, Pranay. R of Grade 10 and Manas Agarwal of Grade 9 interned at  XLR8 Indoor Sports Arena for Work Exposure Program.

– Vikram Rao

“My internship was at XLR8 Indoor Sports Arena which started on 1st April. All the interns which were about ten of us had an orientation on the 30th of March and were given an idea about what our responsibilities are, Shakthi sir who was in charge of the summer camp gave us details about it. On our first day, we were assigned to different sports where we would help the coach.

After the summer camp got over at 1 pm, we had to make sure that the kids left with their parents or guardians and were not left alone, after this, we have a lunch break till 2 pm. After lunch we had different sessions throughout the course of the internship where learnt about marketing, how to organise events, telemarketing, learn the rules of different indoor sports and some of us got the chance to officiate and play in a cricket tournament.

The interns got to help in conducting an inter-academy football tournament where we made calls to different academies and asked them if they were interested in registering for the tournament and on the day of the tournament we helped in the verification of the players (to check if they were eligible to play in the age category that they registered) with their documents. This was an experience that I wouldn’t have got if I wasn’t provided with this opportunity by the school. So I would like to thank the school for this opportunity as not many people my age get this kind of work exposure. Working at xlr8 was a wonderful experience that I will never forget.”


 – Pranay. R

“It started by me first choosing the ideal work which I was interested in, which was working in the xlr8 indoor sports arena. I was selected for it, which made me very excited. I was then introduced to the operating manager, which I had to report to him.  I also had other interns to work with and sometimes was also the reason for me going to work there.

I knew that the work experience that I would be getting here would definitely help in some part of my I was very serious about the work which they assigned to me. I had learned a lot of stuff from them. I was exposed to different types of work, which never actually bored me. since I was working in a sports arena, me and other interns played together a variety of sports, which was one of my favorite times there. The staff there were always helping in teaching us interns about the way to do work over there.the staff was always responsive to our needs, and always had a great time working with them.

We interns over there had learned different sports over there, which was actually important so as to work there.there were many events assigned for us, which was very educational. We had to usually take care of the summer camps which happen there. We had to officiate tournaments as well. we were also exposed to the marketing side, which included telecalling. I had enjoyed all parts of the internship and had a great experience working there.”


I would like to thank CMR NPS for granting me the great opportunity to work at XLR8.
I joined this internship with a mindset to learn new things and experience what it’s like to go out and work in the real world. I chose to work at XLR8 as sports has always been my cup of tea and it’s something that I love. That’s why it caught my eye.

I thought being an intern in a sports arena which offers so many varieties of sports would be a great atmosphere to work in…I wasn’t wrong! My internship program was spectacular and as each day passed XLR8 began to feel like home!

The staff at XLR8 was exceptionally good and they knew exactly hoe to plan our schedule. They ensured that we acquired knowledge, had fun and made beautiful memories with our fellow interns. Our main job at XLR8 revolved around helping the children attending the summer camp to learn a variety of sports and their indoor rules. We also got to host tournaments, handle the master data base, learn about all the different sports equipments, understand the different aspects of business and marketing and learn all about the indoor sports!

I feel the most memorable thing about this internship were the people around me.
Without my fellow interns, the XLR8 staff and the enthusiastic children in the summer camp, I don’t think I would have ever enjoyed so much! I would never have made such beautiful memories and cherished such blissful moments.

And, of course Mr. Ezekiel who was always amidst us, was an amazing mentor. He helped us throughout this internship and imparted so much knowledge to all of us.
We had many discussion sessions with him and we learnt all he had to offer in his expertise.

Overall, I feel this internship made this summer one of the bests I’ve ever had!
Despite the long working hours, time seemed to fly when we worked together at XLR8.
I’m sure that this internship has provided me with the experience I need for the future and
that it’s definitely going to come in handy!

Given another chance I would love to intern at XLR8 again.
If I had to describe my experience at XLR8 in one word, it would be ‘glorious’

I’m looking forward to work at XLR8 again and really hope I get the opportunity.


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