Human beings, for the last few decades have shown that nothing is impossible. From discovering the deepest core of the earth to reaching the stars, we have successfully accomplished everything. Yet, there is always something that is restrained from human knowledge, from the reach of human hands but that has never stopped us. Rather it has acted as a reinforcement to know the unknown. One must have rightly remarked- “The Forbidden fruit is the sweetest”.

    Our students of CMR NPS are nurtured with a mind where curiosity rules. Curiosity, that would never let them settle for anything less; thus the urge to know the unknown is not surprising. On 17th and 18th of December, the students of grade 7, CMR NPS for their field trip visited Society for Space Education, Research and Development.  The space still remains hidden in a shroud of mystery allowing us to peek a little bit yet not giving away everything. The students reached the centre where the doors of opportunities opened up for our students. 

    Ms. Nikitha C, the CEO of SSERD began the session with an interesting presentation, where she traced back in time and portrayed the expedition to the space for the students. The session was not only interesting but interactive at the same point of time. From time to time she questioned the students on various things and the students with enthusiasm answered her answer.
After the presentation, the students were divided into different groups and were spread across the room. While one group gazed through the telescope, the other group was keen on seeing a gun powder experiment. The students were given elaborate information about how the life is in space and how our astronauts survive. The students were amazed to know some new facts about space. 

     The space pen 3D still remains the highlight of the session. It was an informative and an entertaining session. Ms. Nikitha also spoke about the career options available in this field and with this we wrapped up our field trip. 

Ankita Hait,Teacher

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