The choice of school not only reflects on a student’s academic performance and career choices but also on their physical & mental wellbeing, life skills, and general perspective on the world. Therefore, parents looking for the best international schools in Bangalore—the ed-tech hub of India, often have high expectations.

Here are the 8 most common parent expectations for preschools. Read on to know how CMR NPS, one of the best schools in Bangalore, exceeds them.

  1. Child Safety

When parents step into a school, the first thing that comes to mind is whether it is a safe, warm, and friendly environment for their child. A school that makes their child feel welcome and valued is frequently the top priority. Child safety is also of paramount importance. The CMR National Public School undertakes adequate measures to ensure security of all students. It includes:

Infrastructural Security

  • Sustainable & safe school infrastructure
  • Controlled visitor entry/exit
  • Trained safety personnel
  • Regular safety training for the staff
  • 24×7 CCTV monitoring
  • GPS-enabled transportation
  • Emergency & medical facilities

Mental and Socio Emotional Security 

  • Rules, committees, and campaigns to prevent and raise awareness about child abuse, exploitation, bullying, and school violence.
  • Mentor – mentee meetings
  1. Dedicated Learning Spaces

Surveys suggest that school infrastructure greatly reduces absenteeism, engages students in academics, and encourages them to attend classes regularly (Source: National Achievement Survey, 2017). Modern-day parents are aware of the importance of dedicated learning zones, free play areas, comprehensive sports facilities, and well-stocked labs & libraries in making children future-ready and life-ready. They actively look for school with open spaces, skill-based activity rooms, colour-coded smart classrooms, reading corners, AV rooms, robotics labs, etc. The idea is to familiarise children with technology and multiple learning resources right from the start.

We at CMRNPS have a sunlit, well-ventilated, and spacious infrastructure that includes dedicated areas such as makerspace where students can pursue their academic, co-curricular, and recreational interests. 

  1. Tailored Curriculum

The introduction of the NEP 2020 (new National Education Policy) has granted educational institutions the flexibility to mould their curricula to develop life skills, values, multiple intelligences, learning styles, and co-curricular interests in students. The child-centric, inquiry-driven curriculum of CMRNPS, drafted by in house curriculum designers in our learning centre, encourages students to think, explore, experiment, and learn by performing diverse tasks. Hands-on activities like reading a diverse variety of materials, watching movies, storytelling, drama, outdoor excursions, etc. are included to develop a better understanding of the world and help students understand the real-time application of concepts.

  1. Engaging Pedagogies

Interesting pedagogies, effective classroom management, and consistent feedback are three of the most important parent expectations from teachers. Students and parents are drifting away from rote learning or face-to-face lectures, towards interactive discussions, live model demonstrations, project-based learning, in-class experiments, concept-based tests, and the use of smart technologies in classrooms.

CMRNPS, which ranks among the best kindergarten schools in Bangalore, implements a quest program for early years,design thinking and pair share thinking methodology for students along with  no-book & no-homework teaching methodology, movement-based activities (like sand play, gardening, etc.), on-going formative assessments, and regular, structured feedback to support learning in the early years. In the middle and senior grades (that are crucial to career development), we focus on multi-language development, vocational courses, and skill training through community-building initiatives, digital learning, leisure reading, debates, inter/intra school competitions, etc., to prepare students for competitive exams and job interviews.

  1. Educators That Play The Role Of Mentors

Educators with a growth mindset, passion for teaching, and interest in lifelong learning help create a nurturing environment for students at schools. CMRNPS follows a rigorous process to recruit and train the educators under the ReThink Education Intiative which is all-year-round and measures their professional development so that children receive the best guidance and mentorship during their formative years.

  1. Focus On Holistic Development & Wellbeing

A school isn’t just responsible for developing academic excellence but also the IQ (intelligence quotient), EQ (emotional quotient), SQ (social quotient), AQ (adversity quotient), and creative expression of students. The well-rounded curriculum of CMRNPS includes thoroughly-researched and age-appropriate initiatives to ensure student wellness. E.g., problem-solving puzzles, coding, machine learning, SDG awareness campaigns, mindfulness exercises, cultural performances, disaster preparedness, etc.

  1. Balancing Academics With Extracurricular Activities

Did you know? 

Sports, performing arts, and visual arts are excellent academic tools for skill building, as well as for developing strong values, good character, and sociocultural knowledge in children. Considering the significance of extracurricular activities in student life, we balance academic learning with co-curricular pursuits like sports, skating, drone designing, robomation, musical instrument training, etc  and in-school activities with off-campus and digital activities. 

  • Reading-Comprehension Development

Reading is an important skill that connects all academic subjects. It enhances students’ creative thinking, communication ability, and understanding of theoretical concepts. As one of the best international schools in Bangalore, CMR NPS focuses on the development of language, vocabulary, and an early habit of reading in children. Our reading programme implemented via classrooms and library (which includes fun activities like storytelling, character role play, book mark designing, story presentations, book reviews, etc.) fosters the love of reading in students.

  1. Value Transparency 

As a school that believes in instilling an ethical culture, we uphold the utmost integrity and transparency in inculcating values like gratitude, care, collaboration, compassion, kindness, etc. for our students to become lifelong learners.Finalising a school for your child/children can be a life-changing, time-consuming, and overwhelming decision, especially when you are doing it for the first time. Click to discover how CMR NPS, one of the best schools in Bangalore, gives your children a great start at life!

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