Creating lifelong learners with a legacy of more than 30 years

Our Beginnings

A story of building a legacy, tirelessly, ceaselessly, also perhaps unknowingly. With over 30 years behind them, this is a heartwarming story of honesty, simplicity and immense hard work of two individuals – Mr. K.C. Ramamurthy (Retd. IPS) and Dr. Sabitha Ramamurthy.


Built on the dream of one man, Shri. Chikkia Muniyappa Reddy.

Our Legacy

A glimpse into our beginnings and journey of more than 30 years.

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In 1990, the Ramamurthys decided to start a school as an ode to their father Shri Chikka Muniyappa Reddy. Despite having the guava orchard sitting on it, they started the school in a 3 room shed after forming an educational trust as per the law. Named after the man whose legacy they were trying to fulfil, Dr Sabitha Ramamurthy decided on the name CMR Jnanadhara Trust which means imparting knowledge.

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The idea was simple – Quality education for all. The children have to be given the best, the best we can give. Mrs Sabitha recounted “ We were building a family ; a community. That first year was very exciting to see our teachers working, the execution of the curriculum, inspecting the classrooms, everybody contributed, and everyone worked together. We did everything together, from moving books to planning events, we did it all together.”

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With the institution now well established, a strong administration in place and happy students and parents pouring through the doors, the Trust could have continued in that direction forever. After all, they had done what they had promised to do,
establish a school, a good one, in a
neighbourhood that hadn’t had one before.

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By 1993, the school had jumped from being a kindergarten program to becoming a full Kindergarten to 12th standard institution. By 2004, the school christened as CMR National Public School, a tribute to their late father whose dream they had unknowingly, yet proudly, fulfilled.

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From a humble six, their student count reached fifteen by the second year. The  Ramamurthys might have been content with gradual progress, had Dr. K.P. Gopalakrishna, an educator whose own schools were amongst the most competitive in Bangalore, visited the school and encouraged the development of a larger institution, envisioning it as one of his own schools.

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Over the next five years, the CMR Jnanadhara Trust would continue to grow along with the school, adding to its ambit a host of higher education institutions. The Group would gradually become an umbrella institution, giving the CMR Jnanadhara Trust its current shape and vision. One of the first higher education institutes to be established would be the CMR Institute of Management Studies.

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