Admission Criteria


Thank you for your enthusiasm in applying for a place at CMRNPS for your child. At CMRNPS, we appreciate every parent for their interest in admission to our small, close-knit community. While we try to accommodate as many requests as possible, it is often difficult to offer admission to all those who apply. Deciding on the right school for your child is a big decision and we encourage parents to understand more about the curriculum, culture, extracurricular opportunities before applying.

By understanding our school philosophy, parents make an informed decision about the right fit for their child. At CMRNPS, the parent mindset, support, and involvement play an important role in how we can help your child derive the best education we have to offer.
For any further clarification, you may email us at or call us at 080-47091586

AGE MATRIX: For parents who have queries about their child’s age, please refer to our age matrix for respective grades by clicking here.

CAMPUS WALKTHROUGH: If you are keen to have a look around our classrooms and key facilities of our schools, we conduct campus walkthroughs across the month. Kindly get in touch with your respective campus’ front desk for dates and bookings.
We have also arranged for Virtual Tours of our campus for remote-viewing. Feel free to access our tours and campus galleries here.

OPEN HOUSE: The Open House is a great opportunity for parents and students to get a feel for what life looks like at CMRNPS. Led by our leadership team, the open house is a showcase of CMRNPS’s pedagogy and curriculum. The Open House will address the culture, curriculum, environment, instruction, professional practice, infrastructure, and other learning areas.

We invite parents to attend a student and faculty-led session to understand and learn about CMRNPS pre-primary/ primary academic and admission process. Parents and visitors will get an opportunity to visit our campus and interact with our leadership team. You can schedule a visit with our academic co-ordinators.

Please go through our guidelines and admission process before submitting your applications.

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Download Srikrutha Nursery School Application (Pre-primary) Form

Download CMRNPS Application Form (Grade 1 to 12)


Step 1:
Fill in the online application
Documents to be attached/uploaded
-Birth certificate of the student
-Academic record for last 2 years (for Montessori Senior / K2 and above)
-Caste certificate
-ID proof of both the parents (Aadhar / Pan / Passport)
Payment of Application fee: Pay Through Paytm

Step 2:
Once the application is processed, a call (zoom call/hangout call) will be arranged with the Head of School for interaction.

Step 3:
Parents will be intimated about the status of the application within two working days after the interaction.
Parents are expected to remit the admission fee and school fee within 10 working days of the receipt of the communication.

Step 4:
Admission Agreement: To be signed at campus once school reopens
Age Matrix: For parents who have queries about their child’s age, please refer to our age matrix for respective grades by clicking here.




The school closes on the last working day of March and usually reopens in the end of May, for Grades I to VIII. Grades IX to XII may be asked to come for extra classes earlier.

The Pre Primary school reopens in early June. Timings are subject to change but in general, Pre Primary students work from 8:15 AM to 3:00 PM, except Sub-Juniors of Montessori.

All grades except VI to XII will have a five day week, from 8:15 am to 3:00 pm unless required to make up for loss of academic hours due to unforeseen circumstances. Grade VI to XII will have classes on Saturdays, from 8:15 am to 12:00 noon.

The second and fourth Saturday will generally be holidays, but sometimes may be taken as compensatory working days in lieu of unexpected holidays declared in the year.

All students are expected to be in the school premises before 8:10am. The school gates will be locked and the school authorities are not responsible for the children left outside the locked gates.

Parents are requested to refer to the school calendar before planning a vacation or booking tickets.



  • The uniform must conform to the pattern and colour prescribed by the school. — All students must be neatly dressed in full school uniform whenever they are in the school premises.
  • Grade I to XII students are required to wear black Nike shoes and white socks from Monday to Friday. Sports uniform will be worn on the days when the student has PE period.
  • Students must wear proper undergarments.
  • Boys should wear vests and girls should wear slips and cycling shorts. Special uniforms may be prescribed for games, Sports Day etc.
  • Coloured clothes and fancy, expensive footwear are not allowed.
  • Fancy or expensive watches, colourful jerkins or different shades of contact lenses and trolley bags are not permitted.
  • Wearing of the full school uniform is compulsory.
  • No excuses will be accepted for any missing part of the uniform.
  • All students must compulsorily wear school sweat shirts during winter. Coloured dress worn on birthdays must be modest and presentable.
  • Name badges should be worn at all times.

Boys are not permitted to:

  • Have long sideburns, long hair, streaked hair and fancy hair styles.
  • Wear bands / bracelets / chains.
  • Grow their beard, moustache.

Girls are not permitted to:

  • Wear eye makeup and more than one pair of earrings.
  • Wear bangles and chains, colourful and fancy jewellery, long earrings.
  • Adorn their hair with flowers or colourful clips, painted nails or mehendi and girls should wear their hair neatly. Ear length hair needs to be pinned away from the face, shoulder length hair has to be tied with black hair bands and kept away from the face, and hair longer than the shoulder levels should be braided and pinned away from the face. Fringes and hair left loose ARE NOT ALLOWED.


The school discourages parents from bringing / sending lunch for their children after the school day has commenced. Students should be encouraged to pack their bags with all required materials for the next day the previous evening, and to carry their lunch bags every morning. Students will not be allowed to call their parents to bring their books, projects and the like if they have forgotten the same.
Students should bring lunch baskets with all the necessary accessories to maintain personal hygiene.
Parents are advised to send enough food for their wards, since the children are not encouraged to leave the campus or to eat at hotels, eateries or bakeries in the vicinity.

Pre-primary and Primary students are encouraged to eat by themselves and hence parents are requested to teach their wards to eat independently.



  • All students must be present on the re-opening day of each semester. The class teacher must be notified when the student returns to school after the absence of even a single day. The parent must state the reason for his/her absence in the absence record of the school diary.
  • Leave note must be sent in case of absence for more than three days.
  • Students who are ill on the day of a unit test should refrain from coming to school. Retest will not be given. Students should provide a medical certificate to the teacher.
  • Once the students are in school they are required to stay for the full length of the school day. Students are not permitted to arrive or leave during the school hours.


  • We expect our students to maintain high standards of personal conduct. This includes honesty, discipline, integrity, ethics and values.
  • Senior students are expected to lend a helping hand to juniors and should set an example for them.
  • All students are expected to wish/greet their teachers irrespective of whether they teach them or not.
  • Students are accountable to the school authorities for their conduct in the school premises, for their general behaviour outside, while in the school transport and at all school-approved events or activities.
  • No pupil is allowed to leave or to enter the school premises during school hours including the recess. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against erring pupils.
  • All pupils must be in school 10 minutes before school commences.
  • At the first bell, pupils must take their place in a line in silence. During prayer, they should observe complete silence.
  • When they are using the stairs they must keep to the left, walk in single file and remain silent.
  • Students are required to maintain a neat and tidy classroom and a litter-free campus at all times. They must make sure the lights and fans are turned off when there is no one in class.
  • Students must carry a napkin with their lunch box.
  • Students should bring only sugar boiled sweets on birthdays for distribution to teachers and students. No cakes or presents are allowed at school.
  • The school is not responsible for loss of students’ belongings in the premises.
  • Uniforms, bags, lunch boxes etc. must have the student’s name.
  • CMR National Public School constitutes students from various communities, religious and linguistic backgrounds. Conversing in a language unintelligible to the staff and the students is not encouraged.
  • The medium of instruction and conversation is English.
  • Any objectionable conduct on the part of the student will make him/her liable for disciplinary action.
  • Irregular attendance, habitual want of leave, obscenity in words or acts, insubordination to teachers and any kind of misconduct even outside the school premises are sufficient reasons for disciplinary action.
  • Students copying, plagiarising or indulging in any form of malpractice will face consequences and will not be allowed to participate in subsequent assessments until he/ she is granted permission by the Vice Principal/Headmistress.
  • Students should not remain in the classroom during break time. Students should also not leave the premises during the school working hours.
  • Students are not allowed to carry any electronic gadgets (cellphone, iPod/ iPad/ tablets, CD, pen drive, laptop, palmtop, memory card, SIM card, headphones, etc) unless requested to do so by the school. Violation of this rule will invite confiscation.
  • Students are permitted to use the office telephone to contact their parents in times of emergency.
  • Students are expected to treat the school property with care and responsibility.
  • Students should not carry money to school.
  • Students are expected to treat teachers with respect at all times.
  • Social contract signed up by students need to be followed.
  • Discipline in the bus, and ownership of the bus as school property is a must. School property should not be misused/ damaged.


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