If you are looking forward to giving your child a great start in life by choosing the top nursery schools in Bangalore for their education, here is everything that you need to consider. 

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” – John Dewey.

Nobody can ever deny the significance of education in one’s life. It prepares a child for everyday challenges as well as those of an unimaginable future. Thus, choosing the right school for a child is the most important decision to make as parents and caregivers. Progressive schools don’t just provide learning that lasts a lifetime; they also help determine the course of children’s futures.

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Private Schools in Bangalore

  • Environment

What is the first thing you notice when walking into a school? Is it the curriculum, extra-curricular activities, and learning spaces? While we cannot dismiss the significance of it all, the first thing we notice is the overall environment: the warmth and security imposed by its people and spaces. Selecting a school that makes your child feel safe and comfortable and instils a sense of belonging is critical.

  • Safety & Security

While choosing the best kindergarten in Bangalore, it is important to prioritise the safety and security measures being followed in the school. A school with manned visitor entries, 24×7 CCTV-monitored campuses, supervised washrooms & lift areas, safety nets, disabled-friendly washrooms, walkways, and parking, etc., are some preventive measures that ensure the safety of children. It is also important that you take note of preventive measures and emergency combat strategies followed at school. For instance, many schools are furnished with fire fighting equipment, a well-stocked infirmary with first aid kits and medical professionals that cater to unexpected medical emergencies.

  • Individual Attention

As we know, each child learns differently and at their own pace, whether in the early years or higher grades. In the same class, there are students of the same age who learn quicker than others, and some are good at science & maths while others are proficient in languages or the arts. In a diverse group like this, it is important that each child be given equal time, attention, and opportunity to learn and apply their learning. While choosing the top nursery schools in Bangalore, it’s important that we opt for one where students get individual attention from their teachers. Interventions like smaller class sizes or a high teacher-student ratio, regular feedback, personalised learning techniques, differentiated assignments, etc., ensure that each child gets the care and attention they deserve to consolidate their learning.

  • Educators

It is rightfully said, “Teaching is a noble profession that helps create other professions in the world.” Educators serve as role models for values, beliefs, and skills. Your child can access abundant opportunities at a school backed by visionary educators passionate about the teaching and learning process. While choosing a school, it is also important to look into the qualities of a good teacher because, for a child, their teacher is the first window to the outside world. 

  • Curriculum & Board

While envisioning a future for our children, we often dream of a good education, a stable career, strong financial security, and a smooth life. A good education provides a ticket for all of the above, and curriculum is a means to achieve it. The best private schools in Bangalore are aligned with boards that implement various curriculums, each serving a different objective and assessment pattern. 

The ICSE board adopts a practical, experiment-based learning approach, while the CBSE board includes concepts that help students beat national-level competitive examinations. The Karnataka board is geared towards providing in-depth local knowledge and vernacular skills. On the contrary, the IGCSE board offers a global perspective on education and is recommended for students who are planning to pursue their higher education or careers overseas. Based on the future learning objectives of your child, make sure you choose the best curriculum and school board that suit their needs.

The learning content of the curriculum is similar across the grades, with differences in activities, assessments, and marking patterns across different boards. However, it is important to opt for a personalised, differentiated curriculum that ensures children grow holistically, i.e., physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and academically.

  • Teaching-Learning Methodology

While all schools follow the same curriculum and syllabus across the state, one thing that differentiates them from each other is their teaching-learning methodology. It guides the delivery of learning from teachers to students and translates the knowledge of books into applicable, real-life skills. Early childhood experts believe that children have multiple learning styles. For instance, some children learn through reading texts, while others learn through observation, active listening, or drawing. Collaborative and inclusive classrooms are the best classrooms. They are inquiry-driven and follow an experiential learning approach where children learn beyond the textbooks by interacting with one another, the surrounding resources & materials, and the outside world.

  • Education Philosophy & Ethos

The ethos (culture) and educational philosophy of a school reflect the vision of its founders and leaders. A school backed by visionary leaders, philanthropists, academicians, thought leaders, etc., creates a platform for students to unlock their potential and discover their lives’ real purpose and objective. Educational institutions that uphold the utmost integrity, transparency, respect, fairness, etc., in their dealings, take ownership of your child’s learning and create a teaching-learning culture based on necessary values.

  • Learning Spaces (Infrastructure)

Research says that bright, welcoming, colourful, and vibrant learning spaces make children feel good and motivate them to pursue their interests and continue learning. Therefore, the school infrastructure is important to consider when browning the top nursery schools in Bangalore. Make sure you choose a school with big, well-ventilated & smart classrooms, smart labs, spacious libraries with ample reading resources, activity areas, playgrounds, and sports courts where children can zealously pursue their academic and extracurricular interests.

  • Extracurricular Activities & Skill Development Initiatives

Does the school chosen by you give your child ample opportunities to excel in academics, sports, and performing arts? 21st-century education is not just about the learning of concepts. It focuses on developing critical skills and values through various platforms and resources that are essential for leading a life and finding a way to make a living in an uncertain future.

Nowadays, the best kindergarten schools in Bangalore follow a balanced curriculum with equal emphasis given to academics, sports, visual & performing arts (e.g., dance, music, drama, photography, sculpture, etc.), social initiatives, etc., to facilitate skill development in students. Learning important 21st-century skills, such as leadership, collaboration, creativity, design thinking, management, etc., is critical for children’s future success.

  • Learning Outcomes

The most important aspect to consider is whether a good curriculum, the best pedagogies and activities translate into measurable results or not. How do we determine that? – By observing the learning outcomes and student achievements of a school. It is recommended that parents go through the past records and results of the school alumni to determine whether the institution selected by them can help their children achieve academic excellence through the grades.

  • Communication

Both the school and home have equal responsibilities and key roles to play when it comes to a student’s performance. Choose a school that maintains transparency in communication and actively involves parents and teachers in the child’s mainstream education by undertaking different initiatives.

  • Hygiene & Well-being

In the post-pandemic world, hygiene, sanitisation, and the mental well-being of students have surfaced as major factors affecting a child’s interest in studies. The best private schools in Bangalore follow strict COVID-19 safety protocols, basic health & hygiene measures (like access to clean drinking water, hygienic surroundings, sanitised washrooms, etc.), and mental well-being initiatives (like yoga, meditation, mindfulness, guidance counselling, etc.) to ensure the best interests of children.

  • Location

The distance between school and home is often underrated but is a crucial aspect that may affect your child’s interest and zeal for learning. Spending more than an hour commuting back and forth from home to a faraway school every day isn’t recommended. If the child spends a large part of their day commuting, they often lose precious time that they could have otherwise spent learning or pursuing hobbies. Therefore, make sure you choose a school that is at a manageable distance from home.

  • Transportation

Transportation is a major source of concern for most working parents in Bangalore. Considering the busy schedule of parents and students, office rush, or the unavailability of quick public transport in some parts of the city, it is recommended to go for the best private schools in Bangalore that offer GPS-enabled shuttle services. They offer peace of mind to parents as they ensure the safe pick-up and drop-off of students between their homes and schools…

  • Budget

Last but not least, budget is yet another important factor to consider. The high fee doesn’t always guarantee quality education. Therefore, one shouldn’t assume that a school that offers fancy amenities for a high price is the best fit for your child. Parents should thoroughly research to find out whether the child actually needs the amenities offered by the school. Also, if the school is charging a reasonable amount of tuition fee for the quality of education, it is delivering.

A school plays a crucial role in helping little ones identify their potential, nurture their skills, and grow up to be the change-makers of society. Therefore, make sure that you consider all the aforementioned points and more before choosing a school, as it can be a life-changing decision for your little one.

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