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CMRNPS middle school curriculum challenges students to understand and apply learning to the world around them. The scholastic areas in the middle school curriculum delve into deeper content knowledge in the areas of Mathematics, General Science, Social Science, Languages and ICT Education. State-of-the-art laboratories in areas of Science, Mathematics and Social Studies enable students to get hands-on experience.

CMRNPS & Ekya Schools follow a common curriculum till Grade VIII. Built with clear objectives and academic benchmarks, the curriculum prepared students for the challenges of senior school and competitive exams. CMRNPS educators use a combination of teaching methodologies in the course of classroom interaction. They include experiments, word games and puzzles, dumb-charades, role-plays, the use of audio-visual room equipment, presentations, group discussions, group projects, individual projects and field trips.

Non-scholastic areas of the curriculum include physical education, environmental education and music. Students actively participate in competitions both intra-school and inter-school. They are encouraged to take part in external examinations like the Olympiads. Special events like elocutions, debates, quizzes, story writing and poetry writing are conducted throughout the year to help students enhance their literary skills and self-confidence.



  • Language Programme
  • Science
  • Social Science
  • ICT
  • Mathematics Programme

Enrichment Programmes

Reading: Reading is a part of the curriculum and helps to improve not only the vocabulary and communication skills but also helps children to listen and comprehend better. It inculcates a love for reading and the world of books.

We at CMR National Public School lay special emphasis on the reading. The reading programme helps to inculcate the reading habit in every child.

Reading Week is organized to share the wonder and magic of books. It includes a lot of interesting and fun filled activities throughout the week. It begins with the Inauguration of the book fair followed by various activities like book cover and book mark making, book review presentations, character role play etc. Awards are given for such activities. Celebrity authors are invited on this occasion.

The main library and class libraries from grade I to V play an important part in the reading programme to enrich the vocabulary, thinking and comprehension skills of students.

Art: The subject ART has been designed to be a child centric curriculum. This curriculum is aimed at seeing, expressing and appreciating art by which the child learns to be an independent thinker and a confident and socially aware individual.

Visual and Performing arts is integrated into day to day learning activities.  To assess art work, students are given numerous opportunities to learn and create pieces of art.

Art club activities acquaint students with the basic elements of art and design. Students express their creativity through activities like poster making, props for Open Day, etc. The art work done by students is exhibited on the soft boards at different corners of the school.

Performing arts is assessed through activities like class assembly, enacting lessons from the curriculum, Theatre and Dance club activities etc. Students are exposed to different ways of expressing ideas and emotions through these activities.

Lifeskills: To help students deal effectively with the demands and challenge of everyday life and be able to adjust in different circumstances. Life skills are imparted in a supportive learning environment.

Life skills activities are integrated into the regular school curriculum. These activities help students think critically and creatively, communicate effectively, build healthy relationships, empathize with others and cope with managing their lives in a healthy and productive manner.

As part of life skills activity, students raise money through the newspaper drive to help the needy. They also get involved in ‘shramdan’ activities like cleaning the Lab, removing weeds from the flower beds, etc.


Assessment and Evaluation

Grade VI-VIII has one review and Term End Examination for each semester.


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