A Comprehensive Guide to Developing Reading Skills for Students

1.Reading and Beyond

Reading is a crucial skill for children as it opens up the world of knowledge, imagination, and sets the foundation for future academic success. However, it's essential to go beyond just reading to help children fully develop their potential. Multidisciplinary learning is important to help children develop a well-rounded perspective of the world, and it encourages critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills. To encourage Reading and Beyond for Children, parents and educators should encourage a love of reading, multidisciplinary learning, creativity, hands-on learning, and foster a growth mindset. By providing children with opportunities to explore different subjects and fields, we can help them become lifelong learners who are prepared for success in the real world.

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2.Reading Tips for Kindergarteners

This blog provides tips to help kindergarteners read and become confident readers. Parents can encourage their children to talk about their day at school, use silly tongue twisters, connect what they read to real life experiences, use their child's name to make letter-sound connections, play language games with puppets, trace and say letters, write sentences using letters and sounds learned in school, practice blending sounds into words, reread favourite books, and turn learning the names of letters and sounds into a game. Parents are encouraged to try a new tip each week to find what works best for their child.

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3.Best Reading Books For Kids By Indian Authors

This blog post features a list of the top 18 best children's books by Indian publishers, all written by top Indian authors, to encourage children to read and develop a love for books. The books on the list include "The Magic Drum and Other Favourite Stories" by Sudha Murty, "The Secret of the Rainbow Phoenix" by Aditi De, "The Night Monster" by Sushree Mishra, and "The Gita for Children" by Roopa Pai, among others. The list covers a range of genres, from adventure to folktale, and focuses on diverse and inclusive characters and themes such as family, history, and conservation.

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4.How to Develop Reading Habit in Kids

This blog post provides helpful tips on how to develop a reading habit in kids. Starting early, reading together, creating a comfortable reading corner, letting children choose their books, being a role model, making it fun, and setting reading goals are all effective ways to encourage children to develop a love for reading. By following these suggestions, parents can help their children become lifelong readers and succeed academically and socially.

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