Raghav Sarda is one of grade 10 toppers with a commendable academic record. His habit of studying a subject in depth until it is completely understood has definitely led him to the toppers list. Here is his success story on being the Grade 10 topper.

I knew I would get a good score, but securing one of the three ranks was a real doubtful matter, considering the highly competitive nature of my classmates. It was a great and surprising feeling to be in the spotlight when I least expected it. I was extremely happy and joyous with my results and was contended that I could keep up with the expectations of my parents and teachers and make my parents proud of me.

My study schedule was extremely flexible. There were some days when I felt really discouraged to study and other days when I had to cope up for the days lost. I managed to maintain a goal of 7-10 hours a week before November, but in December I decided to buckle up and truly work hard towards my board exams. Solving question papers (of last 10 years) helped me immensely in the preparation of my boards. It played a critical role in my understanding of the importance of various topics of each subject. It gave me an insight into the marking scheme and answers expected by CBSE. It also helped me keep a check on my time management and answering strategy which I would follow to write my exam.

Study holidays were the most tedious and exhausting part of my preparation for my boards, as it involved not only studying all the topics of each subject but also revising the repeatedly and solving question papers without wasting a second of your limited time. Playing outdoor sports such as Cricket, Football and Basketball helped me immensely as it would not only provide me a break from monotonous studying but also kept me happy for the span of that one tedious month. Being a major foodie, Food definitely played as a boredom and stress buster during my preparation. I had to avoid digital distractions such as gaming platforms and social media in the span of these few months. It was initially a tough task to suddenly give up on these, but after some time one would get used to it.

The highlight of my success would be repeated and continuous studying of a particular topic until the concept became crystal clear in my head. Solving concept related questions and numerical resulted in the complete understanding of the topic. CMRNPS played a vital and key role in the preparation of my boards. My teachers at CMRNPS were extremely supportive and helped me understand each and every aspect of the subject concerned. They gave me true insight into every topic and boosted my confidence to write my boards.

My best memories of college will definitely be the time spent with my friends. These priceless moments were essentially the most important part of 10th grade for me. One must never ignore or avoid making friends and having fun, as when one looks back into the past, these memories are the ones which would stay, not the marks. Having some fun with friends and making these memories are as important(if not more) as preparing for your boards and studying.

The success mantra that I would like to share would be to have INTEREST in what one is doing. In order to excel in life, one needs to have an interest in what they are doing. This results in a better understanding and improvement in a particular subject, both in the form of marks and knowledge.


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