The world is a place of 7.8 billion, Some may be the warm-blooded, the calm, and the loving type, But the others are those of prejudice, loathe cavil so on and so forth. The world seems to be welcoming, the beauty is what you see first, but then there are those dark corners, and oh’ those dark corners. Pandora’s box is what the earth is, when it was opened greed, envy, hatred, hunger, pain, disease, poverty, war, and death were unleashed. But then there was hope, hope which was humanity’s choice whether it must be out for the world to rejoice about, or whether it should be kept silent for none but thy evil. Those who judge a person based on their appearance, voice, and penury are those who are disappointing while those who hold onto not the hope but everything else unleashed. Society is an axe ready to hit your bark, but if it’s, (your mental strength and self-confidence) is strong enough, it will be the axe breaking. Thus we must always be strong and not give in to what society gives to us.

Self-confidence is something we may lack in, however, we should build upon it and aim for success. Self-confidence is often what powers you to do the things you love, it doesn’t take much to love the world and yourself just as it is. All we must do is understand ourselves, and know that we, as individuals, are capable of going out there into the world, without being self-conscious and being strong, bold, and whole-hearted instead. It allows you to focus and love what you’re doing instead of worrying about looks or appearances.

Society may be your biggest burden, but if we are able to create and mould ourselves to be strong then society can have nothing on us. Society has always been judgemental and will continue to do so, but if we can build our self-confidence and just be ourselves then we will have no battle scars of the fight against society. We must accept as we are and build on that. As a teen you will have a lot of insecurities, however, if you’re able to accept yourself rather than criticise or perfect yourself, that is when you can overcome any circumstance and just be yourself.

Self-confidence will shield you from the arrows of society, if used well it will never let those arrows hurt you. You must never give in to the words of society and you must always continue to do what you intend to do rather than focus on the words of others.

  “A flower does not think of comparing itself to the flower next to it, it just blooms”

By, L Pushkar Skanda, Grade 8, CMRNPS

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