ICSE Schools in Hennur

CMR National Public School started in the year 1991 with just a 3 room building and over the years has emerged as one of the best groups of institutions in providing world-class education. We aim at providing experiences for our students through our unique and immersive methods of pre-primary to senior-level education. Quality education for all is the motto of the school. We tend to achieve the same through our pre-primary, middle, and senior school program. Compared to the ICSE schools in Hennur, the CBSE syllabus offered by CMR NPS is superior.


CBSE – Central Board of Secondary education, aims to provide a robust and holistic education that promotes excellence in every sphere of human endeavor. CMRNPS provides the CBSE board of education, taking forward the legacy to promote intellectual, socio-economic, and cultural knowledge to make the students on par with the global standards.

The advantages of CBSE over ICSE:

  1. Since it is the national board of the country, it is easily acceptable all over India.
  2. The syllabus of CBSE is in line with the competitive exams like AIEEE, JEE, and IIT entrance exams. This exposes the students to a wide choice of prestigious colleges to opt for.
  3. The 9-point grading system has helped to manage the pressure on the students as well as the parents regarding the marks obtained and it had gained a good reception among the parental community.

Pre-primary program:

The pre-primary program in CMRNPS has both Kindergarten and Montessori methods of training for the kids. We aim at creating independent thinkers. Our classrooms consist of children from mixed age groups from 2.5-5.5 yrs. So the kids learn by interacting with the different age groups of kids. The school offers Uninterrupted blocks of work time, specialized educational materials, freedom of movement, and choice of activity within the environment are some of the key features. The preschool program CMRNPS focuses on numerous learning milestones that students ought to meet. It focuses on areas of development like Personal, Social, and Emotional Development; Communication, Language, and Literacy; Mathematical Development; Understanding and data of the world; Physical Development and artistic Development.

Primary program:

We at CMRNPS understand that primary school education is a crucial phase in every child’s life. We provide the finest nurturing environment under the guidance of trained and experienced teachers through a well-planned scope for development and growth. With us, kids can absorb concepts through various innovative methods of teaching. We follow a no-book and no-homework method of teaching so that children can experience a stress-free learning environment. We want to create a community of continuous learning students. Our approach lets students explore by themselves and come to an understanding of concepts. This lets them be independent decision-makers and thinkers.

Middle school:

From sixth to eighth grades, when our students enter adolescence, we begin to instill a spirit of independence and responsibility in them. The science program branches into biology, chemistry, and physics, the social science program explores the socio-economic nuances of Indian and world history, civic participation, and citizenship, Planning, designing, and creating complex digital solutions while maintaining ethical practices and digital security. Self-reliance, individualism, and a sense of responsibility of middle school children are at the core of CMRNPS’s middle school program.

Senior school:

CMRNPS  provides the CBSE board of education for grades 9 and 12. The students learn by applying various concepts in familiar and unfamiliar situations, pushing them constantly to learn by exploring instead of giving them a preset understanding to memorize. Their syllabus is a class apart from those taught in the ICSE schools in Hennur.

We aim at giving a different perspective of concepts and issues. This helps our students to place themselves on a competitive level with the world.


Our facilities:

Our school has all the state-of-the-art facilities from the library, well-maintained laboratories. A space for yoga practice, spacious classrooms, swimming pool, basketball ground, and a spacious playground. The campus has a  large multipurpose hall – where all the inter-house competitions and other valedictory functions are held. For the Montessori, we have the sand-pit area, gardening, and counseling cell as we understand the importance of students’ mental health.

Beyond Learning

Our CMRNPS is ranked the best because of the importance given to the holistic development of our students. We encourage our students to participate in various extra-curricular activities that help them grow. We offer

  1. basketball
  2. Drone making
  3. karate
  4. Bharatanatyam
  5. Taekwondo
  6. badminton
  7. robomation
  8. freestyle football

We build our students’ teamwork and competitive attitude through school houses and organizing various events and activities to promote healthy competition. We also have school clubs wherein we have different clubs to help the students explore topics/ subjects that give them a venue of alternate career options. The clubs include photography club, mad scientist club, art review club, sculpture club, design challenge, Envirothon club to name a few.

Campus overview:

CMRNPS has state-of-the-art well-maintained facilities. It has a big library with 21000 fiction and nonfiction books. The school also has a language laboratory, teachers resource center (to regularly update the teachers), Hitech computer lab, science lab, multipurpose room for dance and yoga purposes, audio-visual room, and an auditorium.



We have a safe transport service for the students to reach the school. The students are expected to be there at the stop before 5 minutes to avoid any delays. The school bus has one staff in charge to take care of the kids and our priority is the safety of our students.


Parents Speak


My daughter completed her schooling from CMR and she was blessed to be able to study in such a culturally rich and modern school. The best part of the school is how every teacher takes utmost care of the child and supports them throughout their ups and downs in terms of academics and extracurricular activities. The school respects parent’s opinions and listens to their queries

I cannot express how happy and grateful I am that my son is a part of the CMR family. After getting transferred to Bangalore, I was skeptical about choosing a good school for my son’s education. And choosing CMR was the best thing I did. From school campus to management, sports activities to teacher-student relationships, it is the best CBSE school in Bangalore. Thank you to the entire team of CMR for maintaining a warm and enriching learning environment.





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