Message to Alumni

Dear Alumni,

Established in 1993, CMR National Public School has upheld high academic standards and prepared students to be kind, hard-working and sincere world citizens. As CMRNPS grows from strength to strength, we want our alumni to stay interested in and connected to our Alma Mater. We understand that as alumni, you are an integral part of the CMR growth story, just as much as we have been a part of yours.  

The CMR National Public School Alumni Association hopes to connect with the school’s over 3000 strong alumni population. You can start by registering with the school by filling out this form. If you’d like to share any additional information or have ideas on how you can contribute to the existing student body, please write to us at

We look forward to hearing from you.


Alumni Achievements

Prajwal T M – University of Mississippi, Department of Physics took part in a Physics Symposium at Lindau (Germany).

Shwetha Srinivasan – 2013 – finished her MS from ISSER Mohali and has bagged a 100% scholarship funded by the Govt. of India and the Govt. of USA to pursue PhD in Chemistry. This September, she will be pursuing a PhD at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on a full scholarship.

Shreya Sampath Kumar – 2012 – Secured the first place in the 7th Maar’s International Spelling Bee conducted in Abu Dhabi. She also received a cash award of Rs. 40, 000. Secured the first place in the 3rd Cultural Olympiad of Performing Arts conducted in Dubai.

2013 – Topped the Macmillan Examination conducted by the University of New South Wales. She was the topper among the participants of 18 countries. She also received a gold medal.

Ashwin Ramesh – 2014 – A Rubix Cube Champion. He has won innumerable awards and also broke the national record in the speed cubing event. He was 15th in Asia and among the top 50 speed cubers in the world.



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