Dr. Sabitha Ramamurthy, Principal

Dr. Sabitha Ramamurthy, inspired by Sri Chikka Muniyappa Reddy’s vision, has made it her mission to impart high quality education to all who enter CMR portals. She is the spirit behind the CMR National Public School and her passion for children and ethical values motivates the institute.

Swati Soni, Head of School

Years of Experience : 18 years
Favorite Quote : ‘Reward excellent failures than mediocre successes’- Tom Peters
Hobbies: Travelling and Cooking

HOS Message

A good start makes a lot of difference… Every new academic year at school is a chance to grow with new goals and challenges. We at CMR National Public School, strive toward maintaining a very positive school culture that sets the tone for each day, where efforts are manifested as a positive learning experience for our educators and students. We continue to celebrate personal achievements and benchmarks achieved by each one of us and our student community as the academic year unfolds. We constantly support and encourage our students and educators to improve and upskill themselves and give them space for their creativity. There is continuous learning for all of us as a team and I feel it is a very crucial piece in our professional development, gaining more knowledge and insights. Teaching and grooming students for their life is challenging but is equally rewarding in innumerable ways.

It is rightly said that a ‘True teacher doesn’t teach students to think like them but to think without them’. I wish everyone a very successful year where there is no end to learning!!

Suma Mohan, Primary Academic Coordinator


Name : Ms Suma Mohan
Years of Experience : 20 years
Favourite Quote :” You attract the energy that you give off. Spread good vibes. Think positively. Enjoy life”
Hobbies : Making friends, trying out various DIYs

Pravitha Nair, Middle School Academic Coordinator


Name  :  Ms Pravitha Nair
Years of Experience  : 10 years
Favourite Quote : The wisest mind has something yet to learn
Hobbies Sketching : Painting, Singing, Dancing, Reading, Travelling

Anupama Varma, Senior School Academic Coordinator


Name : Ms Anupama Varma
Years of Experience : 13 years
Favorite Quote :  “The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”  -Nelson Mandela
Hobbies : Dancing, Cooking

Parinitha Shetty, CCA Coordinator


Name : Ms Parinitha Shetty 
Years of Experience : 9 years
Favorite Quote : “The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be ignited.” -Plutarch 
Hobbies : Wave boarding, kickboxing, dancing 

Swapna Prajeeth, CCA Coordinator


Name : Swapna P
Years of Experience : 17 years
Favourite Quote : “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”
Hobbies : Gardening, watching movies, bird watching

Sumalatha Arul, Assistant Manager- Office administration

Ms Sumalatha comes with seven years of experience in the educational field coupled with four years in the Travel  Industry and corporate sector. She has worked as a teacher and Center Head at preschool for a year. Holds a Bachelor’s degree in English, Completed Personal Secretary Ship from The Career College, Diploma in Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Management and  Graduate Diploma in Fashion Designing.

She has worked as Public Relations Manager holding responsibilities such as coordinating all organization activities, developing effective marketing strategies and tactics to achieve goals, and promoting the organization in print and broadcast media outlets. She specializes in administrative technology and is responsible for educating the employees on using various systems and applications, good at mass communication procedures and other organizational apps. Has a magnetic presence in the workplace and uses her positive attitude and energy to encourage others to work tirelessly towards success.

She is also a trained Kathak Artist and has completed  Kathak Level 1 – Prarambhik level one examination. She is very passionate about traveling.

Ms Pooja Java,PPM Academic Coordinator


Name : Ms Pooja Java
Years of Experience : 10 yrs
Favourite Quote : “ Everything is hard before it’s easy” – Goethe J.W
Hobbies : Traveling, reading, Trying new things

Neha K,Primary School CCA Coordinator


Years of Experience : 17 years
Favorite Quote : “Everything you’ve ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear.”
Hobbies  : Playing Badminton , Travelling , Dancing, cooking


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