“The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness!”By Dalai Lama.

We students of 3 A proudly presented our first online class assembly on Habits of heart-Gratitude. Our assembly was an amalgamation of students working together, planning, dedication, and our highest wish to bring smiles on everyone’s face.

Our assembly started with a blissful chant of Om and prayer by Kriti Sengupta. Followed by, Head of School-Ms. Swati Soni addressed the 3rd and 4th-grade students. Later we had a Teacher’s talk by Ms. Praseetha Hari on perseverance.

Finally, our presentation started-Vedasri Krishna spoke on -Habits of the heart -Gratitude. Gratitude is a feeling of thankfulness or appreciation for all the things we have in our life. Sometimes, we get so busy in our daily life that we forget to pause and appreciate all the wonderful things that we already have. Instead, we search for something new in the hope that it will make us happier. 

We should thank our parents and elders for the love and support they give us always. We should thank all our Teachers for being our guiding light and showing us the right path to lead our lives. We should also have gratitude to our Mother Earth for giving us clean water, good food, and fresh air. During this pandemic time, we should express gratitude to all the Healthcare professionals who are working tirelessly to save everyone’s life. We should also show gratitude to the Armed forces due to whom we live safely. we should thank all our friends for making our life happy.

Bhagat spoke on the benefits of being grateful-Gratitude helps make better relationships with people in life, improves your physical and mental health, makes a person kind, and calm. And the different ways by which we could express gratitude.

The Puppet show-The Gratitude Jar, was a dedication video to show gratitude and respect towards our parents, elders, and our planet -Earth. The video was truly our wish and pledge to ‘Heal the world’.

Finally, we presented our credits video and then the coordinator Ms.Lalitha Harsha Reddy congratulated the class. The students thanked the class teacher for making assembly a success. Hope you liked our online assembly and it brought a smile to your face!


Ms. Praseetha Hari

Grade 3

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