Best Preschool in Manyata Tech Park


Whenever we describe a school, we always look for its logo. And the logo of CMRNPS rightly portrays the carrier of the goddess of wisdom. According to the philosophy, the swan has a distinguished power of discrimination. The blue color in the logo stands for clarity in purpose, whereas the white represents the purity of the vision.

CMRNPS helps to prepare the kids to be future representatives. They tend to deliver the best education that helps develop brilliant young minds. It was established to promote professional and academic excellence in the respective field.

Pre Primary Program And Our Education Philosophy

The holistic learning environment and the well-mentored facilities provide the kids of the pre-primary level with the needed nourishment. The teaching methods, including the engaging and interactive sessions, make CMRNPS one of the best preschool in Manyata tech park.

– Montessori

The school provides the students with an education that approaches a few domains of child growth. With psychological, natural, social, and physical development, the child can grow with freedom within limits.

Also, the inclusion of specialized educational materials makes education quite interesting.

– Kindergarten 

The school focuses on social participation, self-activity, and creativity. The child is given the freedom to play and indulge in joyful learning at this level. Education gets imported with the help of singing, playing, and various practical activities like writing, drawing, or social interaction.



Every parent wants their kids to be responsible and honest people with a promising future. CMRNPS takes the opportunity to engage the kids with the help of unique teaching techniques. The school takes the aspects of social-emotional development and physical development realistically. With the needed exposure, the school tends to offer the overall development of the child. The kids can learn about various life skills in the right environment while growing with self-confidence. It is what makes the school one of the best preschool in Manyata tech park.

– Quest

The school indulges the students in various quest activities. It can help build the kids’ cognitive senses in the most playful way. The school takes ample opportunity to help the students grow while installing creativity, inventive thinking, and practical activities

– Performing Arts

Apart from putting the focus on academics, the school helps to nurture the inner talents of the students. They are given the best opportunity to excel in various sectors of visual and performing arts. With the guidance of the experts from the fields like singing, dancing, theatre and many more the school makes it quite interesting for the kids.

– Visual Arts

The visual art programs help the kids to develop themselves with the help of observation, ideas, and imagination. The school offers ample opportunity for the students to undergo constructive criticism that helps them think about thinking. Expressing and representing the imagination, ideas, and observation with the help of innovative arts practices provides each kid with a viewpoint.

– Reading Program

Right from the pre-primary stage, the school provides enough opportunity for the kids to fall in love with the various play of words. It encourages the students to take up new assignments of reading storybooks. With a good library room, these students can understand the importance of reading that can help them in their near future.

– Sand Play

Sand is one excellent tool that can expose your children to various sensory experiences. It is a fun way of learning. The school encourages this for the development of eye-hand coordination and motor skills. It also helps the students to develop their vocabulary and language skills.

– Play Area

It is one of the essential segments of any preschool. It helps the children to experiment and explore the world around them. The school offers ample opportunity for the child to cooperate, negotiate and share. CMRNPS play area offers a variety of facilities like skipping, sports activities, or climbing monkey bars.

– Gardening

A child would always learn from the various things around them. While they learn to tender plants, it increases their self-confidence and skills. Watching the plants grow can bring a lot of happiness and excitement to the child. At CMRNPS, each child is given the opportunity to develop skills through these activities.


Beyond Learning 

Beyond the school hours, the students are given the opportunity to nurture their talents under-trained teachers and professional guidance. Co-curricular activities and academic excellence always go hand in hand. The school has the provision of providing the students with a plethora of activities that help to enhance their artistic skills. Activities like basketball, table tennis, football, badminton, taekwondo, skating, karate, Bharatanatyam, and robotization are offered to the students.

Campus Overview

The big lush green campus of CMRNPS provides each kid with a better chance to grow and learn. With the various choices of extracurricular activities and the meticulous education, every child undergoes a process of transformation in the most positive way. Offering the students with these qualities and attributes, the school provides a stress-free learning environment.



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