Do you have a zeal for sports and are looking forward to pursuing a career in sports? As a parent are you concerned about the scope in this field? Or as a student are you uncertain about making it to the elite league, however, you still want to be connected with your passion?

If you’ve nodded your head in affirmation, then you are not alone! 

A career in sports – Sweat, grit, and immense discipline! 

I am grateful to my parents who never insisted on me to excel in academics and allowed me to pursue my dream. My dream was to be a football player- Yes, you read that right! Thankful to my coach and parents who helped me reach Under 18 state-level representing Karnataka. I can never forget or rather would state saying practicing the game has been the best day of my life. A disciplined routine disciplined food habits and learning new tactics every day. Oh, how can I ever forget, if I was reported late for the coaching, I had to jog 10 kilometers. I had to bear the consequences of the same and learned to manage time this way. I would request every student to learn your favorite game with passion. Gone are the days when sports were traditionally considered as a hobby, especially in India. 

Youth sports are going to teach young players a lot more than how to shoot a basketball or how to use a pick-and-roll, there are a lot of life lessons players will learn on their journey through participation in youth sports. These life lessons are by far the most important part of participation in youth sports. Not winning a few basketball tournaments or making a highly competitive team.

Let’s be honest, players have a very, very slim chance of playing professional sports. I don’t say this to be harsh or pessimistic, but to emphasize the importance of focusing on how you can help every single player, you coach. Not just the 2 or 3 in 10,000 that end up playing professionally.

My Ten Golden Life Lessons I have learnt being a sports person;

  1. It’s Okay to Make Mistakes
  2. How to be a Leader
  3. How to be a Follower
  4. Body Language Speaks Volumes
  5. How to Control Emotions
  6. Setting and Achieving Goals
  7. Success Requires Hard Work
  8. How to Lose/Fail with Dignity
  9. Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses
  10. Being Healthy is Important

“2020 is canceled”. “The world has gone mad!”. “I can’t believe this is happening!”. Just some of the comments that have been made on social media and overheard in everyday conversations throughout the first six months of this year. But 2020 may be a year where real progress is made. Of course, there won’t be any new Olympic or Paralympic records as many would have been hoping for, but it’s given us all the time to slow down, think, and reflect on what is really important; we’ve been forced into being creative and innovative. I think everyone has now become a pub quiz genius, bake-off champion, and master at entertaining themselves to relieve the boredom of lockdown.

From an athlete’s perspective, there have been a lot of challenges to navigate. Team sports have had to work out how to stay connected and maintain the camaraderie that many have missed during the lockdown. The majority of athletes haven’t been able to access their usual training facilities or equipment. And of course, there is the ongoing battle of motivating yourself to train hard, often on your own, in the middle of a global pandemic where there are 101 other things to be worrying about. Continue playing, don’t bother the space.


Ms.Parinitha Shetty

CMRNPS CCA- Coordinator

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