I sincerely hope this blog finds you in the best of health and good cheer. It has been four months since the school closed due to the pandemic and ever since there are a number of realizations that have dawned upon us, students. In all truthfulness, when we first got the notice of closure, we couldn’t have been more joyful. We get an extra week to prepare for our exams?! WOOHOO! Well, this excitement only doubled when our exams got canceled, as going outside had become completely unsafe. Convinced that our generation had the coolest story to brag about to our grandchildren, we laid back to enjoy a long break from school and exams. Little did we know about how much we were going to miss the hustle and bustle of our school days.

After all these months of isolation, we have truly understood the meaning of the common saying- “You don’t realize the value of something until it’s gone.”  It’s funny to think back to the times when waking up early and getting ready for the school felt like such a chore. Catching the bus on time and looking out at the busy landscape of city life, only waiting to go back home in the same bus. Reaching school and standing in the morning assembly, praying for the speeches to end quickly. Getting to class and well- this part was nice- chatting with our friends about all the fun things we did over the weekend, and again being filled with dread when we looked up at the jam-packed timetable for the day. What we never realized is that these school days always gave us something to look forward to. Whether it be the much-awaited PE sessions, or getting to feast on other’s delicious lunches over some jolly chit chat- there was always something merry going on. 

Now that the day of my graduation is rapidly approaching, I cannot help but reminisce on those golden days which were filled with glee and cheer. While I am incredibly grateful to my wonderful teachers who have been successfully conducting e-school for a month now, I CANNOT wait for the day when I no longer have to see my beloved friends and teachers in mere rectangles.

Here’s wishing you health and strength to get through these uncertain times. 

Signing off, 

Tarushi Thakur. 
12 D

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