Curriculum & Learning Areas at CMRNPS

Curriculum at CMR National Public School

At CMR National Public School, we felt an increasing need to set the pace with standards of learning which facilitate a universal understanding of each subject. In the teaching methodology adopted at the school, we have adjusted our curriculum to ensure that:

– Our children arrive at an understanding of a concept/idea by themselves, instead of offering a said understanding to them and evaluating them on how well they remember it.

– We do this by including a number of activities (group/individual) like book readings, video screenings to name a few

Our aim is to induce them to ‘think’ and arrive at an understanding of the world around them, through this creative process of ‘doing.’

This not only generates interest, thereby resulting in a greater engagement on their part; but also allows them to explore their world, outside of what would otherwise be considered ‘non-essential’ in terms of assessment. For instance, reading novels, books, stories, watching movies – are all activities that have been included within the scope of their learning. Hence, they don’t need time separate from their regular school work to develop a taste for recreational activities. It helps create a culture of curiosity and relate these activities to what they are being taught in school.

Click here to explore one of our sample units from Grade 1 Science.


Learning Areas

The purpose of Learning Areas is to map the development, knowledge and skill that is associated with learning from Montessori to Grade 12. It plots the breadth of learning, covering the educational objective of each subject from the curriculum in a concise schema.



With the English program, our young learners can:
– Make meaning of the English language.
– Understand a variety of texts and develop an informed appreciation for literature.
– Communicate effectively and creatively, according to the medium and the audience.

As part of the English curriculum at CMR National Public School, we have curated a list of books (grade-wise), recommended for our students to read – click here for the reading list



The Science program enables learners to:
– Cultivate a mindset of interest, curiosity and scientific inquiry
– Engage in scientific practices such as building and investigating models, systems, and theories to better understand themselves and the world
– Apply interdisciplinary and collaborative skills to solve real-world problems

Click here for a sample unit from Grade 1 Science.



The Mathematics program enables learners to
– Develop a mathematical mindset of confidence, curiosity, and creativity.
– Understand the relevance of and need for mathematics in the real world.
– Use mathematical reasoning for problem-solving.
– Engage in mathematical challenges and discussions.


Social Science

The Social Sciences program helps the students to:
– Make informed and reasoned decisions for the public good
– Get a deeper understanding of human environment interactions
– Develop a curiosity to explore past, present and future of India and the world
– Be empowered to contribute to real-world issues and empathize as global citizens


Computer Science

With the Computer Science program, the children are equipped to:
– Be responsible and future-ready digital citizens.
– Use technology to design and implement solutions to real-world problems.


Second Language

The Second Language program enables learners to:
– Develop a vast vocabulary with precise grammar and effective communication skills.
– Read, understand and appreciate prose, poetry and non-fiction in the language.



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