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We at CMRNPS are committed to equity in education and partnering with families and the community to ensure that all children achieve their potential.

Our teaching is aimed at helping students think out of the box and prepare them to face the board exam and other entrance exams with confidence.

Students from Grade IX to XII have access to excellent science labs where the school has catered for enough apparatus and space so that each student performs the experiments individually. Even students of Grade VI to VIII are captivated and absorbed in Science activities in the ‘composite lab’. Our Mathematics labs are fully equipped with colourful aids and employ modern methods to make Mathematics learning enjoyable!  Commerce students are given adequate practice to prepare and present their projects.

We have qualified facilitators who are well equipped in subject knowledge. They consistently strive to make the students not only learn but apply the learning in their daily lives.

Our students have secured excellent ranks at the State and National level in External Exams like Olympiads, KVPY, NTSE and NSTSC, to name a few!  Students have won many state level and national awards in these areas.


Grades IX and X

Grades IX and X are crucial for students and the school concentrates on giving them a firm base. The languages offered are English and Hindi. Core subjects include Mathematics, Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) Social Science (History, Civics, and Geography) and Computer Science.

Report cards have grades in accordance with norms set by the National Policy on Education.

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Grade 9

Grade 10


Grades XI and XII

Students of Grades XI and XII have the option of choosing certain subjects depending on their interest, career plans and the stream they pick, with a combination of five subjects and English (compulsory).

Science Stream

Group 1: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Group 2: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science.

Options for 5th Subject: Math / Physical Education

Commerce Stream

Subjects: Economics, Accountancy, Business Studies

Optional Subjects: History / Math / Physical Education / Legal Studies

Humanities Stream

Subjects: History, Economics, Psychology

Optional Subjects: Legal Studies / Physical Education

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Grade 11 & 12 Commerce

Grade 11 & 12 Humanities

Grade 11 & 12 Science

Grade 11 & 12 Science Advanced



College Counselling

We take pride as one of the best schools in Bangalore for 11th and 12th, not just because of the scientific teaching approach and holistic learning environment, but also because we aim to provide the right guidance to every student.

  • To give students an idea about different career choices, experts from different fields are invited to talk to students about the work they do. These sessions provide students with a platform to interact with the guest speakers, ask questions and learn about the different things they do.
  • Visits by representatives of Foreign Universities are also organised where students get an opportunity to get course details through personal interaction which helps them make important career decisions.
  • Heads of school, coordinators and teachers, counsel the students when required about the kind of activities they should opt for to add on to their profile, which would be taken into account during college admissions.

Admission Procedure and Guidelines (new):

CMRNPS offers offline and online admission procedures for senior classes. We understand how important senior school education is in every child’s life. We try to accommodate students as per our capacity. We consider all the applications but may not be able to accept everyone’s request.

Parents can visit the school campus to have a look at our learning environment, teaching methods, curriculum followed and extra-curricular facilities. This will help you to better decide if we are the right place for your child’s future.

Being one of the best schools in Bangalore for 11th and 12th we always try to keep things clear and transparent for parents. You can schedule a campus visit and see for yourself.

If you are searching for one of the top 11th and 12th schools in Bangalore, contact us. Visit our school or email us for further details.



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