In our daily lives and activities, many of us operate under the pressure of needing to prove that we are ‘good enough. Being good enough for many of us would mean that we are valuable, important, worthy, and deserving of appreciation and love. This drives so many of our ambitions, dreams, and hopes. We work to get better grades, achieve more in the hope that will finally prove (to ourselves) that we are worthy. Sometimes we may even strive to be accepted among our peers hoping that their recognition and appreciation may finally give us what we need. 

The idea of good enough is important to deconstruct. Sometimes we confuse good enough with being perfect which is an unrealistic expectation to have for ourselves. Sometimes, it’s related to a goal that we need to achieve to then earn the label of ‘good enough. All of us have different ideas and beliefs about it. However, it is important to understand what it means for you. What needs to happen for you to feel that you are good enough? If that scenario does not happen, what does it say about you as a person? Does it mean that you are not good enough right now?

The pressure of being good enough also takes a lot away from us. For me personally, it took away the joy of doing things. I love learning new things but each time I would try to learn something new like painting or drawing, the pressure to make a good art piece would take away any enjoyment from the process. It’s also taken away any recognition of the progress that I would make. It made me feel like none of my progress was good enough to be recognized. What does this idea of being good enough take away from your life?

These ideas of what it means to be ‘good enough’ are very often given to us by society and we take it in as standards we hold for ourselves. Questioning these standards is a helpful first step to move beyond being good enough. Also to remind ourselves that we are good enough just as we exist right now. There are definitely things we could do better at. However, that doesn’t mean that there is no worth and value in us. We do have a choice in what we ascribe value to in our daily lives. Do we ascribe value to trying harder and wanting to be better or do we ascribe value to an achievement or grade? Allowing self-compassion, grace, and humour is something that has helped me work through my struggle with being good enough. Learning to acknowledge my feelings and reminding myself that  I am good enough just as I am right now has helped a bit in the process for me. What would help you in your journey?

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