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In recent times, it has been easy for one to feel many negative emotions like sadness, anger, the feeling that we aren’t enough, etc. This has led to a general feeling of depression for many, especially with the influence of social media and other factors around people. Due to this, we have forgotten the positive things, and what we can be grateful for. Gratitude is gratefulness, thankfulness, and the ability, the feeling of being happy for what a person has. It is the most wonderful emotion and turns what we have into enough. The Service Learning Program conducted by our school has reminded us of this, hence we felt that gratitude was the perfect topic for our class. It wasn’t too generic and yet befitting. Choosing this topic was a great idea as it helped us remember the things we are grateful for in our own lives. 

These past few months, due to various reasons, our class teacher hasn’t been in a condition to help us and has taken a break from school for a while. It wasn’t till last Friday (15th July) when our substitute class teacher asked us whether we wanted to do it or not and we unanimously decided to go ahead with it. Just 4 days to prepare for the assembly!!!!! On Saturday, we began laying the foundation for the assembly. The students put in charge began asking everyone how they would like to contribute. The class coordinated with them and we decided who would act, voiceover, be the host and who would give the student’s talk. Once this was done we needed to start preparing the entire assembly, so we started with the plan for the skit. The students in charge did an efficient job and quickly came up with a plot for the skit. This was all that we could do in school on Saturday.  However, by that evening, some students got together and completed the entire script of the skit and sent it to all students via email. Within the next day, the script for the host and the student’s talk was also ready.

Now, the entire plan was mapped out. Monday and Tuesday were dedicated to practicing this entire assembly. This part of the process was very enjoyable and helped us improve our teamwork, bonding the entire class together. We faced happy and rough times, everyone having different opinions and viewpoints, but we were all united in our wish to make our class assembly wonderful. On Monday and Tuesday, our coordination improved a lot and we had an overall fun experience. Towards the end of Tuesday, we felt we weren’t ready and few had doubts about if we could pull it off. By the end of the day, however, we were ready. After the entire assembly was done, we wanted to sing a song for the audience. This was by far, the best part for most, if not all of us. As soon as we all tried singing it together, we aced it. It sounded melodious as if all the students’ minds were in sync. During the last period of Tuesday, we had 3 perfect trial runs, and during the third one our CCA coordinator, Parinitha ma’am came to witness our assembly and support us wherever possible. She then provided us with some guidance for the next day. 

On Wednesday morning(20th July) we had to perform the assembly in front of all the students. Carrying nervousness, excitement, and most importantly motivation in our minds we performed the assembly. It went as planned with no mishaps and we received a satisfying ovation from the audience. At the end of it all, we felt grateful to Swathi ma’am (Head of School), Anupama ma’am (Senior School Academic Coordinator), and Swapna ma’am and Parinitha ma’am (CCA coordinators) who gave us this opportunity to perform the assembly, grateful to our teachers who provided us with the time and guidance to prepare for it, grateful to each other for supporting, coordinating and helping through the entire process and finally grateful to our audience who were such avid viewers and supporters. We would also like to express our good wishes and support for our peers and juniors who haven’t performed the assembly yet. All the best and thank you.

Pranav Venugopal
12 E

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