Determination and optimism are often the foundation trades of success. When these are combined with discipline, dedication, sincerity, and teamwork, the result is outstanding. Sports are one of the wonderful ways to instill these qualities among youngsters. The same was manifested on the grounds of CMR University, Bangalore on the winter sunny day of 27th November 2019. 

The track and field event was hosted by CMRNPS for the students of Grade 10th, 11th and 12th with great zeal, excitement, and frolicsome environment. It was a day filled with fervor and exhilaration amidst thrills and cheers. The air and the environment on the grounds were filled with freshness and sportsmanship. The spirit of friendly competition and cooperation was alive on track and field event’s day. The day was entailed by a variety of races such as 100-meter race, 200-meter race, 400-meter race and shot put followed by a relay race. Students participated in the races, shot put and the relay race with full verve and vigor. The excitement of participation was clearly reflecting in their chitterlings. On that day, they learned valuable lessons on sportsmanship that also called for teamwork. The day opened with a 100-meter race followed by a 200-meter race and 400-meter race in which participants displayed their heroic efforts for winning. Once the races begin, the air was filled with cheerings and tons of encouragement for the participants. It was a delight to see the excitement with which the participants challenged themselves into a variety of races, shot put and the relay race. Students experienced the value of supporting and appreciating the skills of competitors. 

The well-contested 200-meter race saw the participants giving their best to their event. The zeal of competition was evident in the race by the girls who were no less than the boy’s competitors. The 400-meter race made the environment warmer as loads of encouragement and buoyancy filled the atmosphere. Boys gave them all the efforts to lead the race. Yousuf Pathan, the students from Grade XI gave tough competition to the participants in the race.

“Many will start fast, few will finish strong.” Gary Rayn Blair quoted it and the same came out as visual treat during shot put. The spirit of sportsmanship was clearly reflected in the competitors who displayed their strength by throwing the ball and achieving the target.

The most intriguing aspect of the event was the relay race, involving the active participation of the students from all the four houses. The relay race was a clear example of how team spirit leads to the competitors performing courageously. Girls were no less in displaying their sportive skills during the relay race. In relay race for Girls, Yellow House clinched the first position followed by the Green House and the team which stood third was the Red House. In Boys, relay race Yellow House bagged the first position followed by the Green House and the team which third was Red House. 

The day was filled with exciting victories and near misses for all the houses. What made things even more interesting is that prizes were awarded to the three top runners. In the end, the participants were awarded medals and certificates by CCA Coordinators. The Yellow House emerged as the champions of the day. At the end of the day, the students were filled with mixed feelings- happy because they had an exciting day and sad that it was over.        

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