With an objective of sensitizing the students to the animal kingdom and birds, a field trip was organised to Grade 4 students to Bannerghatta Zoological Park on 4th December 2019.

Field Observations:

Students were thrilled and excited when they witnessed numerous animals from zebras to Giraffes, Wolfs, Hippopotamus, Monkeys, Jackals and Deers. They enthusiastically observed majestic animals and birds. like Tiger, Cheetah, Elephants, Pelicans and Ostrich. Nestled amongst the lush greenery it was a remarkable experience for the students to watch the animals in their natural habitat.They enthusiastically and keenly observed the habitat and characteristics of the animals and birds present in the zoo. The various establishments there such as zoo and aquariums provided a number of experiences with the endearing wildlife here. Blessed with the bounty of nature, Bannerghatta National Park was a unique learning experience for the students. Pupils also discovered the botanist in them as they inspected and learnt about the neem, tamarind, bamboo, eucalyptus and many more trees there. 

Students were extremely delighted and jumped with joy when they were taken to the butterfly park and saw various species of butterflies. It preserves close to 20 species of butterflies. A tropical setting was made there – humid climate, an artificial waterfall, a narrow walking bridge, lots of plants and shrubs are planted to attract butterflies.

The butterfly museum made all the students go back in time to trace the origin of the butterflies. Children learned the complete life cycle of the butterfly through the detailed Audio Visual Show that was screened in the museum.


It was a great learning experience for the students as they walked along the zoo and witnessed a wide variety of flora and fauna. Overall the trip to the zoological park proved to be a perfect outdoor learning wherein the students were able to assimilate knowledge.


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