Manali Ranade is one of our toppers with 94.8% in CBSE Science. Manali Ranade was busy with the preparation for the competitive exams and wanted to stay away from the spotlight, but she managed to share with us her story to success.

Exam Preparations and Expectations.

Getting above 90% in all the subjects and scoring 98 in Maths were definitely the highlights of my exam results, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I was one of the toppers of the school.

As far as my study schedule goes, I alternated between subjects in order to prevent it from being monotonous. Solving question papers from previous years and making notes definitely helped. I solved multiple papers for all the subjects which helped me to understand the pattern of the examination and improved my time management skills. I tried to keep my schedule flexible and devoted equal time for studying and solving papers in a day with regular breaks.

Coping with Exam Stress

My parents guided and encouraged me to remain calm and get a good night’s sleep. Watching movies was my stress buster. Though I did not stay away from the gadgets, I tried to limit my social media usage during the month. Staying connected to my friends through social media for discussing doubts and important topics helped me in my preparation.

Support and Guidance

The teachers provided constant support and guidance throughout 11th and 12th to help us prepare. The school even conducted special classes for Chemistry when there was a need. They helped us in understanding the exam patterns and preparing for practicals.

Study Tips for other students

Study regularly, solve practice papers and remain calm.

Best Memories from School

There were a lot of fun moments including the Independence Day celebrations and Graduation Day, making new friends and taking part in various events organized by the school. The opportunity to represent CMRNPS for a national level quiz at Kalpakkam is a special memory that I will cherish for a long time.

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