The Career Camp initiative has been a huge success which has helped give students immense exposure even during a worldwide pandemic. We were joined by a group of exceptional pioneers who shared with us their strategies and approaches to excel in their specific fields of work.

For the session I was a part of, we were humbled to have with us a person of great merit along with a vast array of experience; Mr. Giridhar V Gatte. He helped us understand the world of international business and management a lot better. And as he dove into the statistics and strategies of how to develop and deliver impeccable service that would help yield the best of what we could grow, he shared a lot of insight about his first-hand experiences during his journey all around the world. Majestic places like Africa, Japan, and Latin America, etc. with unparalleled cultural heritage that has beauty in its own.

The session was a splendid one which kept listeners on the edge of their seats. With a lot of questions flowing through, we could say that this was indeed a memorable session. We will all look forward to having more engaging sessions like these again in the near future.

By: Harshil SM
Head Boy, CMRNPS

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