As part of Career Camp 2020, students also had the chance to interact with Ms. Nina George who was the Expert covering the field of Journalism and Media. Ms. Nina George has phenomenal experience of over 17 years and impressive credentials. But aside from these admirable qualifications, Ms. Nina is a staunch advocate of righteous and ethical journalism. She also believes that journalism is not a subject that can be taught within four walls, but rather must be lived and breathed, every single day.

During her presentation, she narrated some of her own experiences in the field of media: some ghastly, some life-threatening, and some of them simply glorious moments. We were taken aback by hearing her encounters with murders, accidents, and even bomb blasts! Yet, these horrors do not deter her, and she believes that passion for the subject is the only way to thrive in the cut-throat world of media. She went on to speak on various topics such as ethics in reporting, investigative journalism and briefly spoke on how high school students can start early and carve their path to success in the industry.

After the presentation by our expert, a Q&A session was hosted and our students had quite the questions! Ms. Nina gracefully answered all the questions that were put forth to her, and it made for an engaging and meaningful conversation surrounding many aspects of journalism.

By the end of the session, we were left astounded with numerous insights from our expert’s first-hand accounts. Her experiences surely served as an inspiration to all of our budding journalists.

By Tarushi Thakur, Editorial Head, CMRNPS

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