What a wonderful start we all had to our Wednesday with a great class assembly by 10 C giving us a few glimpses of how individuals spent the year 2020 with the pandemic lurking around us.

The assembly started with a prayer and then was followed by the thought and news by Marsha and Pooja. Then the class assembly began where the students created an animated short film with two main characters being Sneha the daughter and Divya the mother. It began with Sneha buying new sports shoes and took a resolution to be fit for the whole year and as she came home, she met her mother who just got off the phone with her old classmates and has planned a class reunion to meet in Tokyo at the Olympics. As the days went by a news flash appeared on the television declaring a lockdown due to the pandemic. The mother was disheartened and so was the daughter.

The assembly went on to portray how people spent their time during the lockdown from scrolling on various social media sites to cooking and learning a new skill. Eventually, the mother receives

an e-mail stating her daughter’s online classes would be beginning soon. The daughter was excited and attended her first day of online school.

Then we had all the 10C students hold up different placards thanking all the frontline heroes such as the doctors, nurses, delivery boys, etc. It has indeed been a very tough phase of our lives, and we must all hold on for a bit longer and follow all the safety norms until the vaccine is injected into every individual. Then we had Swati ma’am and the coordinators Parineeta ma’am and Swapna ma’am offer their valuable feedback and motivate all the students on a very successful and informative class assembly.

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