The day that every student waits for; it’s the teacher’s day!

Wishing all teachers a Happy Teacher’s Day! 

Today the students of CMRNPS hosted the best teacher’s day show. The student council of CMRNPS always showed us their everlasting work ethics through all the hard work they put into it. They organized a main event wherein students from 6th – 12th participated in. Ranging from a heartfelt skit to a splendid Harry Potter themed dance to an amazing dance by the student council. 

The theme for the teachers was “At the Disco” A very 70s inspired retro disco theme. The teachers looked beautiful and handsome in their finest disco attire.

We had a skit performance from the 9th graders, a band performance from the 10th grade band, an acapella performance by our acapella group, a Harry Potter-inspired dance by our 10th graders, a dance by the 6th, 7th and 8th graders, a stand-up set by Kaushik, a beautiful piece of musical by the ever loved 11th grade boys, and the council dance. To top it all off there was a fashion show for the teachers. It was mind-blowing to see all of them sparkling and glowing whilst walking and showing off their moves! It was such a delight to see them have so much fun! 

Apart from the main event, the student council arranged for a more intimate setting in the auditorium for our teachers. It was an “only teachers and council” zone. We played games, danced and ate. It was truly a magical event. 

From the moment we entered school as a toddler, teachers have always played the main role along with our parents in our lives. They’ve helped us become who we are today. They impart knowledge and make learning as fun as it can possibly be. Seeing the teachers have time off from their hectic days was absolutely heartwarming and delightful. 

We love you, teachers! 

Happy Teachers Day!  

By Priyasha and Tarushi



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