It is a bright sunny day in Bangalore as CMRNPS hosted FESTUM, the celebration of Parent’s Day. Students worked tirelessly to get everything sorted for this very day. This day we celebrated the ones who brought us to this world and provided us with various amenities, love, and support. This student-organized event aimed at how love and support between the children and parents help us achieve a lot of goals in our lives. 

Today the campus was filled with parents and enthusiastic students. We started the day with a lovely opening speech by our head girl and sports captain Adithi Rajesh and Sunaina Rao followed by an invocation dance by our very own Tejaswani from class 11. 

The parents were then directed to head towards the venues where their events where being held. Various events took place all over the school; cooking without fire, basketball, throwball, splash, rangoli, etc. 

Rock and Roll; a dance competition for parents to showcase their multifold talents. The theme for this event was the wedding and what each parent performed blew our minds.

Throwback; This event is a fashion show for either of the parents to participate. The child also has to be part of the walk

Who doesn’t like to twin?; a chance to look like twins with your child, because who doesn’t like a see they’re doppelganger? 


“EAT, SLEEP, PLAY BASKETBALL!” A motto of every basketball lover and player. The dads and the boys went head to head in a heated match of basketball. 

Turncoat; Bringing out the split personalities and have some fun! You will be provided with a topic on the spot with a time limit of 1 minute. You have to share your opinion about the topic verbally, and at the sound of every tap, you are supposed to switch your opinion instantly.

Refurbish Resource Rightly; Renovation and redecoration of readily available resources. Make the best of what youve got is the motto of this event. Beautiful and creative recreations were done by the parents and their kids. 

Splash; an ‘unleash your inner artist’ moment for the parents. Splash is all about having fun and being the ‘creative child’ you are on the inside. 

Pictionary; a classic game of dumb charades instead of actions you use drawings of the word. This showcased the teamwork between the child and their parents. 

Quiz; Checking how well informed you are! Here we are to test your knowledge about the happening around you and the things which have become history. Either of the parents can be a part of this quiz. There will be a preliminary round of elimination, followed by a quiz between the chosen teams. 

Kho-Kho; a childhood favourite of every parent. The parents and our throwball (girls) team went head to head and the parents emerged victorious! 

Throwball; a game of strength and activeness. A game where the mothers and the school’s girls team went head to head, to show their rigor and strength. 

Cooking without fire; MasterChef has come to CMR NPS. The fathers and their children cook fireless food in a race against time. Zucchini and carrot noodles with cauliflower rice to mice chocolate balls to paan shots to triple-layer mousse cake to anything under the sun were prepared and given to the judges for their critique. 

Amongst these events we had Rangoli Art, Vegetable Carving and The Florid; each a showcase of creativity and talent that runs in the blood of the parents. 

We also had mini dance sessions from the parents on the stage and the students from the sidelines. It was so much fun! A memory to cherish. The prizes were distributed by Swati Ma’am, Parinitha Ma’am, Swapna Ma’am, Rekha Ma’am, Lalitha Maam and Maria Ma’am. Mrs. Fernandez gave a wonderful vote of thanks to the parents who could make it to Festum. 

We had two Parent Ambassadors for the day:

a) Ms. Mansi Ram, parent of Trisha MN Grade 10 and Saanvi MN Grade 2 

b) Ms. Sujatha Karthikeyan, parent of K Vignesh Grade 10 and Harshini Grade 5

They told us all about their journey with CMRNPS and how they’ve come to consider us family, alongside which we got very valuable feedback from them. We were all grateful for their feedback. 

All in all, today is a day that one’s going to cherish for life. We had so much fun organizing it. Seeing the parents have fun and be kids, taking time out of their hectic schedules really made us realize that they work so tirelessly for us we are glad to have given them the opportunity to just relax for a bit. We hope to see more parents and students next year. 



It was a wonderful delight spending quality time with the CMR family. Thank you so much for coming and joining us and au revoir! 

By – Priyasha Sinha.

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