It was not just another day at CMRNPS, but a day that showcased the enormous talent that the students of CMRNPS have. On the 7th of September, a Learning Showcase was organized, and parents witnessed the academic and scholastic progress of their child. 

Clubs form an integral part of an efficient curriculum. In CMRNPS, students can choose to be part of a club based on the field they are interested in- from science and sports to cookery and sculpting – there are a number of clubs that appeal to the interest and passion of each and every student. Club sessions are conducted for 90 minutes on every working Saturday. School clubs are completely student-driven and help hone the talents of all members. 


Apart from Clubs, there are numerous academic engagements that students take part in. These include interesting assignments or expressive writeups. Students from Grades 1 to 10 decorated their classrooms and put up all their work for parents to see. Apart from these, students who had enrolled for after school activities also got to display their skills. Some of the after school activities that are conducted on campus are – Robotics, Bharatnatyam, Skating, and Basketball.  

The parents were truly amazed by the display our students had put together. They were in awe of the arrangements, and they were overjoyed to see their child’s achievements. It was indeed an eventful day for the students who had worked so hard all these weeks; and also for the parents, who got to witness the progress their child had made under the guidance of their teachers and peers. 

All in all, it was a major success. All the students had fun showing their parents and peers what they’ve done. We hope to see them continue to shine brightly in the future. 

By- Tarushi Thakur and Priyasha Sinha

(Editorial Heads) 

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