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Choosing a career is not easy, and neither is high school. We all feel very confused right now and maybe a little lost. We’re wondering if what we’re doing is right, and we need to know what exactly we want. Some of us still have the same dreams we did when we were ten years old, while others’ dreams have changed drastically. In such times, it can be very comforting to talk to someone whose memory of the tumultuous high school years is fresh in her mind. Today, Ms Adithi Rajesh, an alumnus of our school, joined us for an expert talk on 20th October 2022. 

Adithi is someone we can all relate to and someone who knows our challenges the best. She gave us some helpful guidance during her talk. Adithi, like most students, was trying to figure out what to study or which career to pursue. She had joined tuition classes for science but slowly began to realize that science was not where her aptitude and interest lay. It was that year that CMR NPS introduced the humanities stream. Adithi realized that humanities were the course for her. This is an example of how students sometimes choose one path in their lives and then discover their true passion. The twists and turns do not stop there. After hours of research, Adithi decided on journalism as a career choice. However, one CLAT question posed by her mother changed this. Adithi then began to understand that the law would suit her best. It checked all her boxes- public speaking and debate, rational thinking, journalism, and research. Finally, Adithi decided on her future course and career. This teaches us never to get fixated on one subject or one profession. We must be open to various options during the process of understanding ourselves. Adithi even joked about how she still needs to figure out what she wants to do!

A valuable lesson from this expert talk was to be flexible and aware of all the choices available to us. We don’t have to be specific, and we don’t have to plan everything in our lives. We should enjoy the process and go where our hearts take us. 

By Aviendha Asati, 12F

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