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Term 1 Learning Showcase

Logophile Club

September 3rd, 2022, marked CMR’s first learning showcase since the covid-19 pandemic. Not having done them in over two years, we were naturally panicked. Frantic preparations were made over the two weeks leading up to the day. Late nights became the norm and the hours without sleep increased as the days ticked.

All clubs were given two hours after lunch to prepare for the learning showcase the next day. Half an hour was spent running around the school to acquire people willing to help. There was a sudden change in venues from the 3A classroom, which students were now using in the third grade for their learning showcase, to the maths lab. The script and headings were ready. However, printouts of pictures taken during the club periods and a few articles still had to be acquired. It was to our luck that we were allowed to use the office printer, else we would have been in quite a bit of trouble. The rest of the time was spent pinning things to the soft boards, arranging tables, trimming the edges of pictures and drawing the logo.

Everyone arrived at 7:30 to finish setting up their venues on the day of the learning showcase. This included arranging articles on tables and putting up the club name, logo and feedback form. A last-minute addition was a sheet where parents could pen down their favourite quotes.

The people involved in the display were the club president and vice president Bianca Fernandez and Durga Menon, respectively, and three other members, Humaira Sheikh, Neha M N and Pavana G. Rakshambighai Shankar, and Shreya Nair, helped set up the venue the day before. The role of five of them was to explain the activities conducted during the five club periods. Hurdles came up during the three and a half hours, but we managed to dodge them easily. Overall, the first Logophile Club Learning Showcase for the academic year 2022-23 was a success, backed by the glowing reviews received from parents.

By Bianca Fernandez

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