Samavesh – The amalgamation of different art forms @ Art Factory Club Learning Showcase 

There isn’t a day in life when we do not see art. Everything around us is art, moulded by our imagination and creativity. 

On September 3rd 2022, Art Factory 2D presented ‘Samavesh’ (समावेश), meaning ‘coming together’ or ‘inclusion’. As the name suggests, we brought together four art forms, mainly Mandala, Finger painting, Vegetable painting and still life or realism, to be displayed. Our club students worked hard for two months to produce such outstanding and admirable results. As vice president of the club, I was happy to see that the students’ creativity peaked at beautiful creations, helping them display their best works on paper. The most important thing I noticed during the club activities was that they never forgot to have fun with the colours and other mediums. 

For the past three months, we worked on four art forms. The mandala took over the first month. Under the supervision of Pooja and myself, the club quickly caught up on the style and detailing of the famous mandala art. We made the primary art form of vegetable and finger painting in the second month. The students of 6th grade and upwards brought cut vegetables like onions, lady’s finger, bitter gourd etc., and worked on their beautiful images. 

Finger painting tested the students’ patience level and imagination these little minds had in them. Still, life was our last topic taken up in the 3rd month, august. This was the main task now. We were talking about realism. The students had again taken me by surprise with their beautiful works. They showed their interest in authenticity, and once an explanation was given to them, they took up their sheets and started with their still-life painting. Objects were placed in front of them, n they brought their pieces to life.

The learning showcase began, and we had a beautiful crowd of parents who came in and carefully observed each drawing commenting on the beauty and creativity of the student’s hard work. Their share of appreciation delighted me, for they saw the level of creativity in each student. Parents, friends and teachers joined in about halfway through, and we planned a new activity for them. RULE #1 WHEN YOU ENTER THE ART CLUB ROOM: IF YOU ENTER, YOU DO NOT LEAVE WITHOUT CREATING A MASTERPIECE OF YOUR OWN. Many parents came and shared their amazing drawings with us. They were happy and shared heart-warming messages with our teachers for their hard work and encouragement for their children’s upbringing. 

Overall, the learning showcase was a huge success; giving special thanks to all my fellow friends, teachers, the school and parents for pitching in and making this event a huge success. A special mention to all those who helped us to make this event fruitful, Divya, Shatakshi, Shreya, Kanishka, Nandana and Rishika

Iba Nambiar, 
XI’ C’,
Vice president art factory 2D club

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