Let’s read!! Today a reader tomorrow a leader-Margaret fuller

Reading is the foundation of learning. Developing a reading habit can build the foundation of learning. Students who are motivated to read books independently, will develop creativity, critical thinking skills, improve written and spoken vocabulary and the expression of thoughts and ideas. Studies show that school children who read storybooks have a higher level of learning skills. As the pandemic forced the institution to take up online teaching, many students have slowly lost touch with the habit of reading. To instill the habit of reading with renewed interest, it becomes necessary to give a conducive environment for the students. Recognizing the need of the hour on inculcating the habit of reading to our students, CMRNPS has organized various activities that induce students to read good books. A whole week is dedicated to reading activities across the grades that will make it exciting for the students.

Tell me a fact and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever. – Native American Indian Proverb

The joy of storytelling is immemorial. It goes beyond cultures, languages, time, and boundaries. For young minds, to encourage and develop the habit to read books can be stimulated by reading stories to them or telling stories. Storytelling is an art that inspires and attracts not just young minds but also adults. Stories bring the magic of the world to a child’s fingertips and expand the imagination. It also enhances students’ listening skills, increases their verbal proficiency, empathizes with unfamiliar situations, people, and places. Listening to stories offers insights into universal life experiences, helps them to consider new thoughts and ideas, and also encourages cooperation between students and teachers.

As part of the reading week activity, a storytelling session was organized on the first day for the benefit of the student community. We had a passionate storyteller, Ms. Violet Christina who is a state-level certified swimmer and coach, home baker, special needs therapist, and also a pre-primary teacher. Ms. Violet narrated a fascinating story on being wise and kind to our tiny tots of grades 1 and 2. Through her story, she emphasized the importance of being kind and wise while stressing the point to develop the habit of reading. Ms. Violet narrated the story with props, actions, and voice modulation of the characters. Every time she imitated a character, students would follow and do the same through actions and voices. Students became a part of the story. They suggested whether the animals should rescue the lion or not. If yes then why? If not then why?. Students took initiative excitingly in answering the questions. 

Once the story was over, students shared their thoughts and feelings with Ms. Violet with enthusiasm. Ms. Violet has successfully sowed the seed of joy in reading among young minds.

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