25th January 2022 was a beautiful morning to wake up to, with the thought that our little tots of the K2 C section were going to perform on a special topic, “The Indian Armed Forces”. It was lovely to see students smartly dressed in the Uniform of the respected Forces they were speaking about.
None other than Nisha Kanthalu was the host of the show.
But before starting our day, we had Shourya Narasimha thanking God for all His blessings, Agastya Rao doing the calendar facts and weather forecast for the day, and Anushka Prasanna sharing a very beautiful ‘Thought of the day after which we had Aadya Patil, who very proudly, briefed us about Our Armed Forces.
Meera Anand, Pranitha R, Mohammed Mahir Pasha, and V Neel Karthik also shared some important information about the Indian Army.
We listened to a song about the army which was very touching and I am sure students would’ve understood better about what the Army does for us.
The Naval Parade was led by Mishika Nithin, Mark Ethan, N Vishruth, and Mohammed Faisal who shared quite a lot of important facts about Our Indian Navy.
Here, we listened to a song that taught us how our Navy keeps watching the coastal areas to keep us safe.
Last but not the least, we had Arhaan Aziz telling us about The Indian Air Force which is also called the ‘Air arm of the Indian military’.
We had D V Venya tell us about the highest rank attainable in the Indian Air Force, which is the “Marshal of the Indian Air Force” and Pratyusha Chakravarty told us about Flying Officer, Nirmal Jit Singh Sekhon.
We listened to another song which was about the Air Forces.
I’m sure students would have been able to understand how our defense forces guide and protect our country ‘round the clock, risking their lives for their fellow countrymen.
Shreyansh Konda had a very touching quote to add. He quoted, ‘Freedom in Mind, Faith in Words, Pride in our Hearts, Memories in our Soul.’
Let’s Salute the Nation on Republic Day.
Our coordinator shared her thoughts, which were encouraging to the whole lot of us.
Viaan B Nanjappa gave the vote of thanks.
We concluded the Assembly by having the National Anthem being played.

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