One of the biggest benefits of education moving online is that it affords each student the option to be a polymath in terms of the subjects they explore. Whereas in a higher traditional educational format, specialization is at the core of the system, studying online allows each student to explore a diverse range of subjects without committing to a particular stream. Different learners have different working styles. Knowing where your strengths and weaknesses lie will help you conclude whether Online learning is right for you.

Flexibility- both in terms of completing the classes and getting a grasp on what is being taught, is a decisive benefit of learning online. The biggest challenge in an offline format is to tailor the instruction of a subject to a wide and disparate variety of students with different levels of understanding and grasp. Studying online allows each student the liberty to go as slow or fast as they are comfortable with, maximizing the efficiency of the process.
Traditional education also raises significant challenges for individuals who have crossed the conventional age of being a student. To enter the education system after spending years outside is a herculean task, one which would deter many from even attempting the feat. With online education, part-time courses, and easier access to certification, it becomes possible for working individuals to up-skill themselves without a deep capital and time commitment.
To truly experience the benefits of Online learning, make sure you have clear goals in mind. Online education gives you flexibility, virtual collaboration with a broad range of perspectives. Does Online education make sense to you might be a question lingering in your mind? For the right learning format, you need to be self-motivated and have excellent time management skills. The pros and cons of every learning format are Online or Face to face must be weighed carefully.
Learn What you Love and Love What You Learn must be the motto of every learner. As an educator, I believe in empowering Educators and Learners irrespective of the format they work in.

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