Tiny Tots of Pre Primary of CMRNPS put up an amazing Learning Showcase

Every year CMR NPS conducts a showcase of learning by its students to their parents. It happens twice a year, at the end of each term. When the world was struck by the pandemic, CMRNPS continued the tradition by conducting the learning showcase online. This year, too,  we conducted the learning showcase for our Pre-primary students.

The teachers and students had come together to design and present a visual treat for our parents. The day started with excitement, with parents visiting along with their children. The Montessori Seniors and K2 students took their parents to each board and explained to them what they learned in the respective learning area for the last four months. 

The teachers guided the parents of juniors, K1, and sub-juniors while taking a tour of all the boards. We also had prospective parents who visited the campus through the classrooms.

The parents were excited and felt proud to see the display of their children’s work. They were amazed to see the progression and various tools used in teaching and learning the concepts. The parents enjoyed reading the students’ anecdotes and said they were surprised to know the thought process that goes on in each child for the questions asked. They also admired the way the boards were displayed showcasing every aspect of the learning that had taken place in the classroom. 

Parents lauded and affirmed the efforts put on by the students and teachers. 

Mrs Gouri H,
Montessori teacher (CMRNPS).

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