Special Assembly 6D (9th of September 2022)

Our Assembly was held on the 9th of September but our preparations started way before on the 12th of August. Our class had an excellent experience coming together and working towards the same goal. We all tried our best and practised as hard as we could to put up the best show possible, though we had to add a lot of changes to our original script due to unforeseen events. We enjoyed working as a team and acting out different parts of the assembly.

On the event day, there was a cloud of pure excitement on us. Everybody was very excited about the big day!! When the Drum beat started, we were all nervous but excited. When the assembly began, we spoke confidently, hiding our fear with smiles plastered on our faces. All the claps encouraged us to move forward. We were very excited and though some things got out of order and turned the assembly upside down; it went alright and fine. Even after the assembly, we were applauded by many of our classmates from different sections and also by many of our teachers. So, this made us think deep in our minds. ‘this wasn’t so bad after all. It was good, I mean Very good.’

This helped us banish any fear of being on the stage.

Gambheer H,
Gr 6 D

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