Aryaman: Run For A Better Bengaluru

By: Ansh Mody, 11G, CMRNPS

“My throat was parched, and my mouth was dry. My pulse was galloping. I could feel my heart pound against my chest, and my lungs gasped for air. My muscles felt sore, but I still wore a wide grin amongst all this fatigue, pain and tiredness. The feeling of accomplishment, pride and glory kept my fuel burning.”

On Sunday, 11th September, I participated in a 3-kilometre marathon called “Aryaman”, where I secured 2nd position. This marathon has been one of a kind as apart from simply competing for a spot in the first 3, I was also running for a cause that resonated with me. I have always actively supported several social reasons, and this proved to be another chance for me to give back to my community.

Having lost the chance of coming first by a marginal difference of 2 seconds, I have truly learned the value of time. While making friends was part and parcel of the run, it also helped build my willpower as I pushed and encouraged myself to complete the run. 

Overall, the event was very well organized and flowed smoothly. The atmosphere was energized with music, food and warm-ups. I am very thankful to the organizing committee and the chief guests for making this event possible. 

Ansh Mody,

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