I am sure all of us are aware of the Guru Mantra “Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwara; Guru Sakshat Param Brahma, Tasmai Shri Guravay Namah”. Just chanting this shloka creates such a  strong vibration within. 

I was fascinated with the meaning of Guru, how it comes from 2 Sanskrit words Gu and Ru meaning dispeller of darkness. There are various synonyms to the word GURU, mentor, guide, expert, or master in a certain field. 

We all remember our guru’s, our teachers who have imparted such valuable knowledge, our parents who are our first gurus have inculcated and instilled strong values in us. We cherish them, respect them and bow to all of them. 

But today with the changing normal I would like to thank all my “ little gurus”- my child and all my students whom I have been associated with so far. 

My students have made me what I am today. I have learnt to be organized from those who manage to get confused even after a detailed explanation. I have learnt to be patient and jovial from my students who find nothing interesting. I have learnt to multitask and think beyond, from those who have a pandora of doubts the moment a task is allotted. I have learnt to be creative from those who have an artistic sense. I have learnt a whole lot of tech from my amazing students who try out new things fearlessly. I have learnt to think out of the box and beyond those who think alike. I have learnt to have fun but within limited set boundaries from the naughty ones. But most importantly I have learnt to stand for my students, to support them, just be there for them when they need me and laugh with them and enjoy the silliest of jokes without forming an opinion. I have learnt to live life in a simple worry-free way. 

Thank you, children, for the wonderful learning experience each day. I really miss teaching each one of you.

Wishing all my ‘little gurus’ a very Happy children’s day. 

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