HALLOWEEN-Meet and Greet at CMR NPS

Halloween is celebrated each year on 31st October. The name ‘Halloween’ comes from “All Hallows’ Eve”. It is the evening before the Christian holy days of All Saints’ Day on 1st November and All Souls’ Day on 2nd November. It is most practised in the US and Canada. Halloween costumes were traditionally patterned after spooky figures such as vampires, ghosts, skeletons, scary-looking witches, and devils. Over time, popular characters from fiction, and generic archetypes such as ninjas and princesses were also included.                                     

We celebrated Halloween-Meet and Greet on 30th October 2021 in our school campus. Children from pre-primary to grade 4 enthusiastically participated in the event. They were dressed in all kinds of spooky costumes, some of which were vampires, witches, zombies, ghosts, mummies, Princes, Princesses, and characters like Harry Potter, Batman, Thor, etc. The teachers were also wearing different spooky masks and costumes.                                 

The students arrived with their parents and assembled anxiously, eagerly waiting for the surprise planned for them. They were all excited and thrilled to meet their friends and classmates after a very long time. There were different time slots given for different grades. The event commenced with a campus tour for grade 1 and grade 2. The library, computer lab, skywalk, and classrooms were shown to the students during the tour. There was a ramp walk arranged for grade 3 and 4 students to flaunt off their costumes. Children exhibited their confidence by walking down the ramp. All the students were stupendous and rocked the ramp. After that children enjoyed the dance floor and danced to eerie music specially picked for the occasion. Later, they were taken to the basketball court to play various games arranged by the PE teachers. They played Ring toss, Throwing balls into a container, Skeleton puzzle, and Tic tac toe on the court. All the students were given chances to take part in the games.                                    

The V.A teachers decorated the Montessori gallery with the Halloween Theme. There was a photo booth arranged where the children and parents could take photos. The V.A teachers made scarecrows, spiders, pumpkin heads, ghosts, witches, and drew haunted mansions. The children enjoyed the Halloween- meet and greet and returned home with beautiful and joyful memories.

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