1.5 years…. 1.5 years of being entrapped in invisible bars of lockdowns, mask mandates, and social distancing. 1.5 years of exuberant youthful energy spent staring at screens. 1.5 years of being enclosed in our comfort zone called a bedroom, which I can affirm is not true anymore. And an eternity waiting for social interaction, to meet with friends, breathe in the air of chatter, to laugh, and be a droplet in a sea of students all physically present. Oh, what a dream indeed!

“Good fruits come to those who wait”. Eventually, it was our patience and resilience that were triumphant in the end and we once again found ourselves in the thick crowd of young and like-minded people. Although things are not the same as they were and probably never will. We are well, healthy, alive, and kicking it! 

Flipping through the album called childhood, we see that a significant part of it is resentment towards coming to school, waking up early, and writing exams. Simple, yet great joy was found in staying tucked into our beds, waking up to a brunch watch TV, and having no care for anything at all. Surprisingly, 2020 granted a longtime childhood wish… at least most of it.

The pandemic taught us a lot of things, from being productive without any external push to keeping up with all our tasks in hand, we never really missed out on learning. Yet, a great deal of learning comes from physical interaction with the teacher and the mere decorum of the class is enough to set things straight.

It brings me joy in saying that the worst is behind us and we now have a clear outlook on how we will move ahead (with a 6ft distance from each other xD). So it’s time to finally hit the “Close” button on Netflix and YouTube and strap ourselves up for an exhilarating 2nd half of an academic year ahead. 

And who knows, maybe we sit together with our friends in the future and reminisce about how 2020-21 was. And I can guarantee you, no matter how bad the series of events was for everyone, we will be bound to smile at it and appreciate what was and what we were. So enjoy the most annoying, ecstatic, euphoric, disappointing, unique, etc etc etc (Sorry I was running out of adjectives) moments of the roller-coaster ride called life!

Lastly, on behalf of the Student Council and everyone excited about your arrival: a hearty welcome back to school! 

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