Grade 3B presented a beautiful assembly on the topic ‘Honour to Workers’. The students spoke about Labour day and celebrated the achievements of workers. The assembly started in the name of God and all the students indulged themselves in a soothing prayer sung by Advaith, and Ira played the keyboard.  Anchoring was done by Neharika and Ali. The News Reporters Ibrahim and Manvi updated us with the news around the world. Hridya presented a motivating thought on how to achieve goals in our life. Rohan shared his knowledge about Labour Day and Tanisi, Shourya, Latangi, Akshaj, Nishka through a video presentation that showed their respect to the people who make their daily life easy. It was a really remarkable effort shown by the students. In the video, students thanked different categories of workers as they are an important part of our society. Hope to see these types of presentations from students very often.

Jordan, Madhu Shalini, Lakshya, Navika, Pranav, and Shadiya presented a play where they showed how the house helped take responsibility in the absence of their parents. 

The message conveyed by this play was that each and every worker is doing their work with full responsibility and dedication. Every work has its own dignity. If we do our work with full determination then one day someone will definitely recognize your work and praise you.

The students gave their 100% participation with the help of their class teacher Ms. Sonam. She gave her valuable inputs on the ‘Honour to workers’.She explained in detail that when a worker is doing his/her duty with full determination, dedication, and responsibility then they should be respected and honoured.

So basically honour is to show respect for someone, especially by praising them publicly.

The show ended with a vote of thanks given by Sara. and the CCA coordinator’s valuable comment.

Each and every student was praised for his/her hard work and remarkable performance. The takeaways from this assembly are we should respect and honour each and every worker, we should understand our responsibility towards society.

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