When you learn to read you will be born again…and you will never be quite so alone again-Rumer, Godden

We at CMR are celebrating this week from 1st of Feb to the 4th of Feb as Reading Week. 

The first day commenced with exciting faces during the morning meeting waiting to know the event of the day.

The class teachers spoke and discussed the importance of Reading in one’s life. Students were asked to share their experiences when they read books. The answer was mesmerizing as some described it as an experience of visiting another world, having the world with superpowers and some commented it makes them laugh out loud and sometimes take them into the character.

Students were asked to make a comic strip using an online platform or can use the Photo finish from their book of Organiser. Students were made to understand that the Comic strips often express messages or provide brief glances of events or stories. Key elements of a comic strip include character, setting, and plot — all conveyed in a few frames through a combination of pictures, captions, and dialogue. They were then made to watch a video and were instructed to include the Book as the story element.

Students then engaged themselves in the comic strip designing activity wherein they expressed and showcased different characters, settings, emotions, stories, and plots portrayed in different frames and pictures.

Students were encouraged to post their creations in the media folder published under the Co-curricular page in the Homeroom page.

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