The Festival Of Unity: Kannada Rajyotsava 

The Very Essence of heritage has always been its cultures and traditions, but to one’s endearment, it’s equally true that for its citizens their state’s formation holds utmost importance. For us the students of 10 A, it was a consequential honour to represent our state and its cultures. As a class, it was an enigmatic statue for us to compress so much information into a superlative script and act to enact it, yet due to the support of our extremely well equipped and benevolent leading team including the whole class along with our dear class teacher Vijaya ma’am, we surely were able to come up with the most scenic play possible. Due to the ongoing execution pandemic, it turned more problematic for us to see the complete execution of the same. Kannada Rajyotsava isn’t just a holiday; it’s an emotion of expression of unity and such pride was anointed for us to draft. The play included several important places within Karnataka such as Udupi, Mysuru, Bangalore, and much more. The play revolves around a pair of children going on a homely adventure to discover and celebrate their roots. The most enthralling 

The aspect of this whole activity was to learn about Karnataka as a class and find it a reason of common interest to unite ourselves to its

greatest extent, this helped build cooperation and understanding amongst the class. The play included many wondrous songs that were sung and played by the members of the same, some of them include ‘Kayo Shri gowri’,‘Jai Bharata Janani’, ‘Krishna Nee Begane’. Finally, the play even included many cultural representations of the Kodava clan’s ‘Valaga’ that seemed to impress the audience to a monumental extent. Moreover, all my classmates were in the most extravagant costumes that revived tumultuous amounts of adornments. All in all, the play turned out to be a massive tolerance towards knowledge and factual unity that we all enjoyed presenting and experiencing. 

Written by 

Kruthaart.Venkatesh, Class – 10 ‘A’

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