Name – Namratha Lilly Krupa Lokku 

Primary teacher – Grade 1,2,3

School assemblies are pretty significant for a child’s development as they aim at building the confidence level of students, learning valuable lessons, understanding the school better, and developing a feeling of being united.

The students of Grade 3 A presented their class assembly offline for the first time. It was quite a journey for these students to understand the process, practice, and present.

The theme for this assembly was FOCUS – the key to success. As students transitioned from online to offline modes of learning it was noticed many students were finding it difficult to focus in class. Hence it was thought that the topic might be apt for the moment.

The assembly started with an opening prayer led by the students, followed by sharing the news and thoughts for the day. The thought that was chosen was – If you focus on what you want, you get what you focus on.

Then the students explained the meaning of focus through a small skit. The skit was about a teacher and his students who were presented with a surprise test. The paper just had a black dot. The students were asked to write what they observed, but the students were so lost that they did not complete and perform well. Then the teacher mentioned how we all tend to lose focus on what is in front of us, we forget the bigger picture, the positives, the blessings. The teacher encouraged the students to practice the art of focusing which is the key to success. 

Next, the class teacher of Grade 3A explained to the students how one can learn to cut out distractions by giving simple examples/strategies on how they can bring their focus on the task presented. 

The entire student body of Grade 1 – 4 were encouraged to practice those strategies not just in school but even at home when they feel distracted when doing a particular task.

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