When was the last time you experienced a creative process?
Was it an escape without leaving home, a dash of coriander on soup to fill in for the absence of green in the bowl, a hug when all’s high, a hug when all are low, an ‘Aha!’, a sliver of a family heirloom, the little green dot conveying ‘vegetarian’, a grown-up dot -a butta print- a saree’s favorite, a tick across a shoe screaming ‘Just do It!’, the melodies of a service provider jingle or the child portrayal in ‘Aurat! Aurat! Aurat!’?

The space for the Arts is adaptable, open-minded, accommodating, and welcomes tangents. Kind to both sound and noise- irrespective of medium(s) in expression, red to one- grey to another, beautiful to one- bizarre to another, graceful to one- misleading to another, viewed from the top to one & felt by touch to another, it has been a debatable journey defining Art and its multiple intents/ approaches. Centuries of introspection and collaborative discoveries haven’t been able to gather Art in its entirety into a few gathered meaningful words. Therefore, the space that accommodates this flexibility is that which doesn’t need to choose between the reds and the greys, where the journey- the process of creating becomes the Art itself, where the comfort and feel of the ground under our feet are more ‘Art’ than any forced masterpiece. A performance space with provision to see oneself and one are experiments with Body and Movement. A setting that provides for collaboration and understanding of the relationship between the performer and their audience. A space that doesn’t judge and helps build confidence. A space where one can see-hear themselves and others without an effort. Between trying to create something meaningful for the Arts space, and authentically represent oneself in the creative process, a space to portray all journeys from start to finish without a bias, and a space to move, jump around and mimic the wind if demanded by the hour.

A welcoming amount of light finding its way into the studio space- helping with a calm mind and a snug environment for effective daydreaming- ironically allowing acceptance of the darker aspects of human nature- ‘Ma’am, by night I would like to be an angry blood-thirsty vampire’. Comfortable furniture is arranged to help students collaborate & connect, not being too stressed about the mess that Art creates in its process- ensuring the end of it, however, sees a clean floor beyond ‘just’ exploration. And finally- an organized space for essential resources- a space where there is no right or wrong way to approach creation, but the only way to express, is ‘your’ way to approach it. A space for ‘I am extremely restless and I don’t want to create anything today but also, an ‘I like what we’re doing but I am not happy with what I made, can I try this again?’.

Who do you want to be tomorrow?
What are the qualities you wish to have developed in a few years?

“Ma’am, in the future I just wish to be a Black Cat!”

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