Special Assembly – Empathy 

I still remember that day, when our class teacher, Bhawna ma’am, announced that our assembly will happen soon and our topic is empathy. We were thrilled as we usually look forward to class assemblies yearly. As ma’am explained what was to be done, Anvitha efficiently divided the roles, considering everyone’s opinion. There was a skit team, choir team, banner team, and speech team. All worked together harmoniously to create an entertaining, informative assembly. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the process of writing the script and playing the role of narrator in the skit. Poorvi, Tamanna, Srinidhi, Madhav Surya, and Aishani as actors, and Shashank, Gaurika, Jalaja, Shalini, Saanvi, Shourya Sharma, Mounish, and Amrutha as voice-overs showed great cooperation to make this skit a success. 

The choir team aligned a melodious song and prayer with Surya, who played the guitar. The long days of practice paid off to create an amazing performance. The singers were Gaurika, Devananda, Juhipriya, Aishani, and Aadya. 

Beautiful manners were made by Jai Adith, Dhruv, and Saanvi. Their creativity sparkled on the stage. 

Anvitha worked hard to bring the class together. Her catchy narrating and pleasant smile carried our assembly. Shashank shared the most meaningful thought- “The nature of Humanity, its essence, is to feel another’s a pain as one’s own, and to act to take that pain away. There is nobility in compassion, a beauty in empathy, a grace in forgiveness” which was extremely apt. 

Adnan gave the news to update us on the world’s happenings. Then, a truly enlightening student talk was prepared by Aadya on empathy. Unfortunately, she fell sick on the day of the assembly and was unable to give her talk. But, the efforts she put behind it were tremendous. An amazing, informative, and inspiring teachers’ talk was given by our class teacher, Bhawna ma’am, who supported us throughout the journey. 

Finally, the credits were given by Mahathi, to show the efforts put by our backstage roles, actors, singers, and narrators. 

Thanks to the opportunity and support from our co-ordinators and teacher, the effort and cooperation of our class, this assembly was an enjoyable experience and an amazing performance. 

Devananda Kapil 

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