The Expert Talk session started off with Middle School Coordinator , Ms. Pravitha interacting with students and  sharing her views about the importance of reading books. Ms. Pravitha also introduced Pramukh Girish , Gr 8C student, an author who has written a book ‘The three excursionists and the mysteries of Marvile woods’ which is available on Amazon and Flipkart. 

Master Pramukh started with greeting his teachers and gave a brief introduction about his book – This is the first book of the series The Three Excursionists, A Mystery, Action/Adventure story. This book features three siblings in a camp and all their adventures and struggles and hard decision-making to solve this peculiar forest’s mystery. This story puts six of the most clever plot twists in play, which mould the story into a fascinating manner! With things not coming together very easily for the trio, this adventure is sure to be one of the cleverest and substantial mysteries ever, one of the best thereof its kind! join them in their hair-raising adventure through the dense woods of Marville to find and resolve the mystery of this peculiar forest! It is the day at camp, the break was done and they were in their camping spot. It was dusk, the threesome just wanted a perfect stay, they wanted to savour a star-filled night at the camp after a long year of school: But it seems like the trio is going to have something way more than that, An unexpected thrilling separation, nights surviving alone, setting out to find their siblings in the beautiful wilderness, After hours of searching finally being united with their siblings only to find out their class had been kidnapped! with a half scribbled note reading- Jewe… It looked like it was written in a hurry. They were lost in the middle of nowhere with nothing making sense. Is the trio going to find their class? Are they going to unveil the truth? And will they ever learn the meaning of Jewe…? Find out as they ride across the forest full of predators, beauty, and serenity aboard too; they adventure through the forest terrain and consent with the wild to solve this mastermind of a puzzle.

After the introduction , he shared few of his expert tips with the students like- putting an unpredictable/ suspenseful  plot for the story, sitting in a quiet/ comfortable place for writing, spending a dedicated time daily on writing, setting early deadlines, proofreading your document 2-3 times and replacing the ordinary words with impactful words, using a blue light filter to protect the eyes from harmful rays emitted by the screen and many more.

He also shared a few of the challenges he faced while writing his book like- not enough time , 20-30 pages were lost due to power cuts . He mentioned , at one time he thought of quitting writing , but the habit of heart he learnt in his school- Grit kept him from redoing the work and completing his book.

He also played the riddles as Brain Break with the students which students really enjoyed. Towards the end, he thanked the HOS and CCA coordinators who really motivated him during his journey of writing and promoting his book.

By, Pramukh G ( Author )

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