Buy Well, Choose less and make it last!

As the saying goes, an ocean breeze puts a mind at ease!

Who doesn’t like spending time with nature? To hear the rustle of leaves and chirping of birds, to sense the smell of earth when it rains, to walk on the shore, to play with sand, and feel the breeze. Interacting with every element of nature brings happiness from within. To enjoy this forever and also to pass it on to the next generation we must think and react wisely to our current doings to the environment. Sustainability is the most talked about topic of recent times. We must realize the need for shifting to a zero-waste lifestyle and contributing to reducing the carbon footprint as much as we can.

There are a lot of reasons why I attempted a zero-waste lifestyle, from plastic in our oceans to personal health problems. 

Adapting to zero waste practices looks different for each person. Yet, knowing what we can do is extremely useful. When we simplify our life, we are able to make room for peace and discovery. There are small actions we can take each day to minimize the mess we leave behind.

In an effort to stay healthy, I have started using natural ingredients, making DIY practices, and using eco products. I have happily put those health issues behind me and have embraced a zero-waste lifestyle.

Together we can say no to plastic and avoid using harmful chemicals at home thus reducing the waste. We can adapt to a simple lifestyle by eating fresh and healthy food and minimizing our possessions. I always felt that rather than collecting things we can go on adventures and collect memories and experiences.

Small steps will definitely make a difference. It always starts from you and then will be passed onto all. Start your shift to a zero-waste lifestyle today, thus helping to endure all the domains of life on this earth.

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